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To Hell & Stuck

To Hell & Stuck


~ Cameron Ash

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Cameron Ash Biography Breaking through the surface of manufactured Pop-princesses and flashy Kid-Rockers and maintaining an honest lyrical voice has become increasingly rare in today's music market. On his album, To Hell and Stuck, Cameron Ash fights to do just this. Staying true to it's namesake, the lyrically-driven album reveals itself as a series of undeniably dark reflections, unconcerned with radio-friendly frivolity and political correctness. Whether lashing out at blatant societal injustices or elevating us with his more visceral love songs, Cameron Ash uses his unique style and often biting lyrics to achieve emotional sincerity and make an intimate connection with his audiences. 'It's true. People tell me that my lyrics on love are slightly different from Celine Dion's,' he says. Cameron's unique lyrical ability of combining classical poetry, storytelling, and dark humor in his songwriting began at a very early age. The grandson of a well-known Persian poet and philosopher, he began writing poetry at the age of six. But it was in high school, when he was first introduced to the music of Don McLean, that he began to shift his interest to songwriting. 'Don McLean's 'Vincent'was the reason I started writing songs,' he says. 'So that one day, I might make someone feel the way I did at that moment.' By 2000, armed with his songs, he began playing frequently around San Diego (desperately anticipating exodus from UCSD, where he attended college) while building his name within the San Diego acoustic scene. But it wasn't until a representative from Maverick Records heard his song 'Stop Her'and invited him to play at the Maverick 'Battle of the Bands' that he decided to bring his music to Los Angeles. It was here where Cameron underwent a songwriting rebirth, which resulted in him writing six of the fourteen songs that appear on To Hell and Stuck, including the single 'Another Everyday.' 'It's difficult because I find I can only write well when I'm either internally devastated, or under immense pressure, or heartbroken,' he says. If Cameron's poetry is born out of devastation, that's bad news for him but good news for the listener, as he never skimps on sincerity. In fact, the 14-song album was recorded without any computers by producer Brian Kehew (Air, Eleni Mandell) to achieve the classic, non-affected analog sound. Besides it's warm human feel, the mostly acoustic record also boasts Cameron's diverse writing ability, as he incites the listener with the driven, menacing sounds of 'Jude is Dead'and the volatile lyrics of 'LAPDVD',then floors us with the ultra-'Sadcore' Elliot Smith-esque sounds of 'Surgeon' and 'Another Everyday.' He even finds time for sarcasm and bittersweet humor in 'Stop Her' and 'Popcorn Boy', but never hesitates to bring us into the deeper darker realms with songs like 'Stalker.' Whatever the song, Cameron Ash never shies away from revealing the somber sides of life. With his signature cynicism and engagingly confrontational lyrics, he is modern day cross between Simon and Garfunkel and Rage Against the Machine. At times brooding, often inciting, and always earnest, Cameron Ash is the hyper-lyrical-renegade-chic posterboy of his own militant acoustica. His lyrics seem to speak to both men and women, and he offers us a different perspective and a lasting song in a world that's desperately seeking to break free from homogenized, disposable music. From first gasp to last breath, Cameron Ash's To Hell and Stuck is a driving poetic outcry, delivered with passion and a lyricism that is both intelligent and pure. Copyright 2002.

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Artist: Cameron Ash
Title: To Hell & Stuck
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/5/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637239950
UPC: 724101825422
Item #: SRD182542
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