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Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits

Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits


~ The Candlelight Guitarist

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Product Notes

ALBUM DESCRIPTION: Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits is the second CD from The Candlelight Guitarist®, with over 53 minutes of beautiful new original music from Brad. The CD features with original cover art by Claire Kitcher, Artist of The New Forest (UK). ' to filter into my dreams. My new favorite to listen to is classical guitar music by Bradley Powell.' --Vicki Blizzard (Editor, PaperWorks and Crazy for Cross-Stitch! Magazines) 'This is kick-back, have-a-glass-of-chardonnay, chill-out-before-bedtime music. To that end, I recommend this CD for relaxation uses--kids will love this, massage therapists will rejoice, quiet lovers will like it, and sleepers who face a white night might like this in their bedside CD player. It's good dinner music--nothing to jar the diner and provides a quiet atmosphere.' ~Joanna Daneman (Middletown, DE USA) Amazon TOP 10 reviewer. 'I often come home from work stressed-out to the max, put this CD on and after a while the tension just flows away to the strains of this easy-on-the-ears music. A perfect instrumental album to play during a cozy dinner for two, or on a rainy Sunday afternoon - just the right sound for kicking back and relaxing.' ~Jana Kraus 'ceruleana' (New York, NY USA) 'I found this to be a sensitive and very relaxing CD that would be a perfect companion on a long drive or just kicking back with your significant other or a fabulous book!' ~M. Rondeau (West Springfield, MA United States) 'I listen to The Candlelight Guitarist when doing surgery. The music is very peaceful and relaxing, and I really enjoy it.' ~Tiffany Blocker, DVM (Tustin, Orange County, CA) Rebecca Johnson (TOP 10 Amazon reviewer, and author of 'The Rebecca Review') wrote of Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits: ***** FIVE STARS (top rating) ~ 'A Deep Sigh of the Heart. Bradley Powell's music is infused with natural ambience. As rich sounds renew your spirit, you can relax into a deep sigh of the heart. His style is artistic, heart healing and filled with romantic and cultural influences. This is a blend of soulful Spanish, velvet jazz and dreamy classical guitar. The sounds range from crystal clarity to deep ocean echoes. This rich landscape of sounds is perfect for inducing dreams and ancient memories or for creating ocean atmospheres for luxurious warm scented baths with sea salts. I love the delicate mingling of ocean sounds recorded at Huntington Beach and Malibu. These sounds were recorded by Bradley Powell and they help to create a mood of reflection. 'Bradley Powell's flawless playing allows you to completely relax into sleep or relax into an evening of candlelight and romance. I've fallen into a peaceful sleep while listening to this music and have also spent relaxing afternoons reading while The Candlelight Guitarist wove an intricate tapestry of sounds to nurture my heart. 'Throughout the 16 instrumental tracks, there is a spontaneous mingling of sounds that is reminiscent of a soulful conversation with a friend. The notes dance together creating an array of textures and sounds.' ----------- Bill Binkelman, host of radio show 'Wind and Wire' on Fresh Air Radio, calls Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits 'an engaging collection of instrumental tunes, led by one of the better acoustic guitarists out there. Kudos to Bradley Powell... Recommended.' ----------- About the Artist: The Candlelight Guitarist® is Bradley Powell. Inspired by the Beatles as child, Brad began guitar lessons at age ten. The following year he was awarded first place at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival for a guitar solo. At fifteen, Brad became a protégé of jazz guitarist Joe Pass, and later studied classical guitar from Vincenzo Macaluso, with master classes at CSUN under Dr. Ronald Purcell and Andrés Segovia. Brad was twice featured at the Hollywood Bowl, performing Gerald Wilson's 'Sonata for Guitar and Orchestra' with the composer conducting, and also under the baton of Richard Carpenter, performing a suite of Carpenters' hits. Mentored in composition by David Rose ('Little House On The Praire'), Brad has composed music for TV shows, including 'Hill Street Blues.' He lives in a small mountain town in California. ----------- Other musicians on 'Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits': Ernie Nunez - string bass Gilberto Hildavio - flute, alto flute, bass flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, and English horn. Joey Cataldo - drums Perez D'Agostino - percussion Mark Massey - Rhodes, piano Darius Channing - keyboards Mark Adams - horn (French horn) David Siebels - conductor.

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Artist: The Candlelight Guitarist
Title: Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2/6/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637240333
UPC: 645498000721
Item #: 141405X