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Capitals : Broadcast One

Capitals : Broadcast One


~ The Capitals

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Sugar coated power pop slammed into a wall of guitar - that's The Capitals. Charged with memorable guitar riffs and eloquent harmonies, The Capitals are one of the most exciting new rock and roll bands to emerge from Vancouver. Passonate live shows and a stunning debut album have quickly garnered the group praise from both press and radio and they have amassed a large following of their own. Produced by Kevin Kane (ex-Grapes of Wrath) and mixed by Steven Drake (Odds, Tragically Hip, 5440), The Capitals new album Broadcast One is bound to ensure The Capitals a lasting place in the ever evolving music industry. The Capitals were formed in 2001 when long-time friends Robert Watt, Andrew Fuller and Nathan Barrett met Patrick Jacobson at the music store where he worked. They became fast friends and began to write and perform their own original material as Casey & Finnegan. Their first public performance was at Vancouver's The Railway Club on December 12th, 2001. Although their songs were well received, Barrett only stayed with the band for six shows and Casey & Finnegan was put on hiatus almost as quickly as they had appeared. In late 2002, band members Patrick Jacobson and Robert Watt entered Mesh Studios in Burnaby, BC to record a 4-song 'EP'. Jeff Schultz engineered the project and Daniel Adair (Nickelback, 3 Doors Down) played drums. Although the recordings were released as a Casey & Finnegan CD, the band didn't really exist at the time. Jacobson and Watt played a handful of acoustic gigs during the better part of 2003 and even hired a group of studio musicians for a pair of full-band shows. Andrew Fuller rejoined the band in August, 2003 and drummer, Jonathan Bonikowsky, was added to the roster. Feeling like a new band, the Casey & Finnegan name was dropped and the band was reborn as The Capitals. Full of confidence, The Capitals hired a pair of Canadian music icons to help create their debut album in early 2004. Award winning producer, Kevin Kane (ex-The Grapes of Wrath), was chosen to produce and Juno award winner, Steven Drake (ex-Odds), was selected to mix. The band spent two weeks recording at Profile Studios in Vancouver, BC and six days mixing at Greenhouse Studios in Burnaby, BC. The results are the ten songs that make up 'Broadcast One', The Capitals' debut album. With the release of 'Broadcast One' in January and a winter tour already completed, The Capitals are anticipating a busy year in 2005. The songs have already started to receive radio airplay, the band has appeared on live television, the album has been well received by music critics and The Capitals are fast becoming a popular live act. Recently, Robert Watt and Jonathan Bonikowsky retired from The Capitals. In their absence, Dan Newton (ex-Rye Catchers) and Chris Warunki (ex-The Amber Room) have joined the band. The Capitals are currently touring 'Broadcast One' across North America and have begun writing for their next album. 'Simply, one of the best indie power pop albums of the freshly minted new year! Broadcast One perfectly captures the bands jangly guitar-driven sound and reminds us not only of the Odds, but other such faves as Not Lame's own True Love, Ike (The Caufields), The Andersons and, most thankfully, lots of Sloan. It's a scorcher of a power pop album! There's layers of sweet, brash and crunchy guitars and heavy smatterings of hot, arousing hooks. One helluva strong debut. Extremely Highly Recommended!' - Not Lame Recordings 'Fat and thick, the guitar is upfront as The Capitals make a joyful noise. They offer good songs and a beguiling demeanour with subtle Beatles references, and a zeal for experimentation. B+' - Tom Harrison, The Province 'The pop hook is there, to be sure, but there is a contemporary edge to the jangly melodies and slippery riffs. Whether it is the mid-tempo rocker 'Fine' or the Seattle-tinged British invasion grind of 'Circle Game,' The Capitals are clearly knowledgeable students in the school of rock.' - Jason Lewis, FFWD Weekly 'If (their) live show is half as tight as this debut, expect to see more of it. Songwriter Patrick Jacobson shows real promise.' - Stuart Derdeyn, The Province 'With it's catchy hooks and sunny background vocals, the band shows that it has a solid foundation in the lighter side of rock.' - Gregory Adams, The Georgia Straight 'The Capitals are looking for prime airtime with guitar-driven Broadcast One' - Phil Duperron, Edmonton Vue Weekly 'Check out the unsung pop brilliance of this new Vancouver band.' - Quick Picks, FFWD Weekly 'I think it is f**king great...' - Jonathan Simkin, 604 Records.

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Artist: The Capitals
Title: Capitals : Broadcast One
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 9/27/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637240654
UPC: 821228810925
Item #: SRD881092
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