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Abstract Years

Abstract Years


~ Captain T

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Product Notes

THE ABSTRACT YEARS How does a country boy find himself writing and singing songs few people understand or even care to hear. Moving from bluegrass to country music is common in today's music world...even going from country to rock has become a common part of the music scene, but abstract songs are a bit off the scale. Songs such as Come Ride the Milky Way and The Third Dimension of My Brain take us forward in time rather than singing about bygone days, current events and loves. Yet, even the songs that deal with the past, Liza- My Friend the Ghost, Cosmic Consciousness, Broken Dreams and Danny's Last Wish take on a new approach in telling a unique story. Then we find a religious song being sung about Jesus in more of a medieval way or a spiriual song, Come Watch the Sparrow being sung as if it was a parable from the Holy Bible. One of Tom's friends asked him how he could write and sing about reincarnation in such a manner? After all, Tom is a Christian and follows the path of Jesus Christ, but he has an answer concerning it: "God is all powerful and able to do things beyond our comprehension...but to tell God he cannot send people back to live again or in another form would be placing limits on God's ability and authority...and I am not prepared to tell God what he can or cannot do." He was asked how he came to write such a song as The Time Traveler? His response was, "I was eating supper and it simply hit me. I got my guitar and wrote it down as if it was being transmitted to me from another force or source." Yet, other songs come into being by observations of the human factors on our planet. For example, he said, "Broken Dreams is about bums sitting under a railroad track drinking their's a long story, but I could see me sitting there in their place if it had not of been for the blessing of God and the love of Jesus Christ and one hell of a mother." He said, "You know Jesus loves bums!" So take a trip in time and Come Ride the Milky Way with Captain T.

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Artist: Captain T
Title: Abstract Years
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 5/9/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637240907
UPC: 634479305153
Item #: SRD930515
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