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All I Need Is You

All I Need Is You


~ Carla Bouvier

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About me: Carla Bouvier is a singer/songwriter and entrepreneur. Currently, Ms. Bouvier is the acting CEO of The Carvier Foundation Inc., for kids with special needs and disabilities and President of BEINC. Ms. Bouvier was intrigued from her mother's classical teachings with such songs as 'Love is A Many Splendor Things' Although her favorite was 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon' and we must not forget Julie Andrews "Sounds of Music" were all instrumented to a soothing soulful classical style. She released her first debut CD 'ALL I NEED IS YOU" in 1998, on an Independent Label. Many years ago, the aspiring artist had to put a most promising music career on hold to help a very special charity, The Carvier Foundation Inc. The organization was inspired by a very special young man that wanted to continue his education, against the odds. Later, she realized her music career became secondary at the time, although her passion for music and kids with special needs and disabilities became her focal point and goal. After establishing the organization, it became more relevant that her music is an imperative factor in 'giving back'. However it was a rewarding experience to have such versatility in her musical background for which she is here today as a solo artist and a true contributor to the "universal language" About The CD "All I NEED IS YOU " Listen to the unique sounds of the Carla Bouvier CD 'All I Need Is You' These intimate love songs are a soulful expression of the angelic voice of Ms. Carla Bouvier.Her music on this CD ranges from Pop to Rhythm & a touch of Blues. Sample a few of the up and coming diva's sound clips, it will not only 'mesmerize' your mind but will "bring music to your ears' The CD consists of 10 tracks; 1. NEVER GONNA STOP This upbeat song on this particular track expresses deep passionate love in a subtle but sensuous relationship, for one of which we all desire. On the first track Carla Bouvier brings out true passion and the desire to never give up on one's love, in spite of it's challenges or imperfections. 2. A WHISPER IN THE NIGHT On track two Ms. Bouvier expresses just how deep love can grow. Precisely true love grows regardless of the ups and downs in relationships. This song will definitely alleviate any doubt when it comes to one's unconditional love for another. Listen carefully to the artist in her own version of the Rhythm flavor of the blues as it tells a love story of defeat. 3. All I NEED IS YOU Honestly, the Album Title! Wouldn't you agree, or shall it be explained further? When one is involved in a very true and committed relationship, what is most important about any relationship? It's simple; everyone wants to be needed by that special someone for which you've chosen to spend your life with. What better words can Carla Bouvier explain in this song, is when you tell the one you love that................. All I Need Is You! 4. BETTER THAN IT USED TO BE This track is very personal to the artist it was dedicated to a long term relationship, she was involved in that soon came to an end. In which one wanted to pick up the pieces and reconcile. In this song you can hear Ms. Bouvier sing with such passion and strength as she expresses that if decided to resume such a relationship it has to be......better than it was, and definitely Better Than it Used to Be 5. SAY YOU LOVE ME What more can you say about this song? Everyone wants to hear it, and doesn't matter whom or what the situation is. Is it not common to want to love and be loved? Can't you feel it or hear as she sings the sweetest and most important three words? Please tell me those words I've always wanted to hear. In this song Carla Bouvier expresses how just a few small but simple words can make a world of difference, that is when it comes to...Saying you love me. 6. ONE DAY AT A TIME Every single mother, father or parent should relate in some manner to this song. Often in times of traumatic change or self doubt, the human race becomes overwhelmed. Most of us can relate to challenging times especially single parents. Carla Bouvier would like to dedicate this song to all parents trying to maintain home and career. Listen carefully as she sings this song with triumph and passion. During the recording of her CD it was an extremely challenging time this song will tell it all, it often reminded her and a message to others "take one day at a time" 7. BEFORE YOU This song is about unconditional love, Ms Bouvier dedicated this song to her two boys at the time. She felt at one point in her life, it wasn't complete and was very indecisive on her direction. Love, relationships, and friendships seemed meaningless and vague. Then she remembered the birth of her two sons and it changed her life around and gave her a new definition of unconditional love, a love in which Our Maker gives us. 8. TOGETHER This song is about two people that had to overcome the impossible; Carla Bouvier was asked to complete the song ASAP. Later discovering a couple the was married for a number of years, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Carla became so emotional and close to the song it was almost not completed. When the preproduction cut was finished it was delivered to the couple directly after the first surgery to give them encouragement and most of all hope. They were overjoyed and felt they could survive through it all. Many years later unfortunately the beast came back, she gave a good fight. Ms Bouvier would like to dedicate this song to all breast cancer victims, never give up for we can get thought this Together. WE WILL MISS YOU! 9. OUR LOVE WAS MEANT TO BE There is an ole saying when it's meant to be it's meant to be. Carla Bouvier's angelic voice sings this song of her own desire and passion of what love means. You can hear her words and expressions telling a story of the meaning of being blessed to love one's true love and soul mate. Many of us aren't fortunate enough in life to experience true love... When most of us may desire to have that opportunity. This song tells a story, which defines just that, what it's like have, wants and be loved. When you hear the angels sing it's like destiny, for without a doubt you will know "Our love was meant to be 10. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU When one is in question or doubt of love of another why do most of us ask why? In this song of love, Carla Bouvier signifies how important the simple things are in any relationship. Certainly we're all fascinated with material things, that's apart of human nature. Although when you know you're truly loved is when one hasn't it to give and what gifts they bring are simple but yet from the heart. Songs of 'Love & Life' Every track is uniquely formatted for Ms.Bouvier's unique style, listen fervently as it tells a story of the desires to love and be loved. Although every song on the CD seemed to have a special message for a particular situation or event that you and everyone can relate to. Take a listen...fasten up for this adventurous voyage!!!! To my loyal and most dedicated fans ............................. "All I NEED IS YOU" Sincerely, Ms. Carla Bouvier.

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Artist: Carla Bouvier
Title: All I Need Is You
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 1/23/2001
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637241232
UPC: 661375100025
Item #: MDW510002
This product is a special order