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Crimson Cord

Crimson Cord


~ Carlisle Wiley & Linda

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Product Notes

The Crimson Cord represents the crimson arch of energy that grows between and binds those who love one another. No matter the distance we are always connected. This CD is for my Heart and Soul - Carlisle. It is for my incredible children, Sheila, Roger, Raymond and their growing families! It is for my grandchildren. It is for you who listen to be moved and know love in it's natural ebb and flow. May you be blessed with true love in this lifetime and into the next. Forever and then some! I have wanted to do this for a long, long time. The music for song Crimson Cord is ancient and I fell in love with the tune. After I wrote the words to the 'Crimson Cord' for Carlisle the stimulus was finally there to record a CD. But let me go back a little. Carlisle and I met at an event in 2000. He put his arm around my shoulders and said, 'I find you absolutely captivating'. We were married one year later. I did all the harmonies with myself (except for Sharon Livingston on 'Ringsend Rose' and 'Red is the Rose'). That was quite a task, a challenge and fun. Singing comes from my heart and hopefully touches the soul. Few things in life give me greater joy than to sing and make someone happy, warm their heart or bring a tender tear to their eyes. Children are a wonderful audience. When I'm at an event I often come up to little ones, crouch down to their level and sing just to them. They may never remember my name but I want them to always remember the lady who sang the pretty song to them and made them feel very special. Carlisle is a part of his fiddle. And he is a part of his flute and drum, too. He's very modest. What a wonderful thing for us to be able do this together with our friends. 'The Crimson Cord' is about my heart and soul, Carlisle. We love each other as we are and for all that we are as individuals and as a couple. The joys are great and the journey the most incredible adventure. Love will go on forever and then some. And then some and then some. There's a little something special after the end. Listen closely. 'Ringsend Rose' is the sweet story of young lovers waiting for enough money to buy a wedding ring. They are willing to work and wait for the time they can marry. 'Bressay Lullaby' and 'Oh Can Ye Sew Cushions' are tender, loving and cautionary lullabies. I remember holding my own babies many years ago and wishing them to give and receive love in their lives. My beautiful and unique grandchildren, Jaidan, Jaxon and Brody. The most incredible moment was when I first held them. 'Danny Boy' is an ancient tune that has been done a lot. But, I wanted to include it's timeless words and haunting melody. Many parents may wonder when their adult child has gone to war, moved far away- Will I have passed on before I see you again? But, 'I will sleep in peace until you come to me'. A parent's love goes on forever.. 'Red is the Rose' is such a beautiful tune. As the story goes ..Sometimes we 'think' we love someone and they 'think' they love us but it's not to be....better to find true love than spend your life with an illusion. 'Galway Shawl' is the story of a young man and woman who meet and have that special spark. Yes, he leaves for Dublin at the end of the song but you absolutely know that he'll return to the girl in the Galway Shawl and they will spend forever together! Aside from my own 'Crimson Cord', 'Mary of the Argyle' is one of the most delightfully worded songs describing TRUE love. When I first read the words all I could think of was,'One day I will find my true love. He will love me for 'my beauty but not for that alone'. And when my hair is gray, my eyes dim and my walk is weak, he will love me for my heart as I will love him in return'. Please listen to these two stanzas over and again. It took me many times to sing this without breaking into tears at it's lovely message. You can probably hear it in my voice as I sing. Carlisle and Sam add an extra sweetness with the violins. Sounds like they are nearby serenading the older lovers as they sit on a porch swing reminiscing and looking forward to forever.. and then some ...together. 'Sugar Hill' is a tune Carlisle learned from his friend and former band member, Doug Smart. Doug has passed on and this one is for him. Gone but not forgotten. The fiddle tunes are also on the CD just because they are FUN. Fun is a good thing, Eh? As Carlisle says, 'It's not so important to be serious as it is to be serious about the things that are important'. Carlisle calls me 'Mrs. Peanut'. And so we have 'The Peanut Waltz'. And, yes, we do dance, just the two of us, in our little apartment to this song. One day as I was playing a blues riff, Carlisle got down his wooden Native flute and started playing along. 'Red Road Blues' is the result. Carlisle added his hand drum and the vocables. It is a haunting reminder of the road most First Nations people have walked since European intervention. It is also an honoring song to their memories. Thanks to Sam Sadovnic for his fiddle accompaniment with Carlisle and mando for my songs. He and Carlisle are magical together. Mark Seymour with his djembe and bohdron added excitement and energy to two of the songs and two of the fiddle tunes. Sharon Livingston gave me a nice boost with her harmony on 'Ringsend Rose' and 'Red is the Rose'. After she sang with me on those two I got the confidence to do my own on the rest! Aaron Bloomfield added a nice bottom rhythm with his stand up bass. Thank you, friends, for your time and contributions helping with the dream. I have three terrific, grown children; Sheila and her husband, Tim, my son Roger, his wife Shannon and my grand daughter Jaidan and grandson Jaxon, and my son Raymond and his girlfriend Jessica and grandson, Brody. All of my children are quite musically talented and great human beings. We are so proud of them. It is my intention that by listening you will see love from a new perspective and that we may bring a few minutes of tenderness and fun to your life. Love, laugh and recycle, Linda (aka The Peanut ) And Carlisle.

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Artist: Carlisle Wiley & Linda
Title: Crimson Cord
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 6/12/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637241393
UPC: 616895057021
Item #: SRD505702
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