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Little Sick Twist

Little Sick Twist


~ Cathy Jean

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Product Notes

** 2005 WAMA Nominated Best Blues Album!! ** ** 2005 WAMA Nominated Best Female Blues Vocalist!! ** Please note and say a prayer for the passing of everybody's way too cool for school bass player, Wade Matthews. Amen brother. Cathy Jean is a life-long musician, dedicating her soul to blues, rock, and roots music. All songs by Cathy Jean, except 'Paint My Fence', by Cathy Jean and Keith Stafford. All lyrics are printed in the CD booklet. Most heartfelt thanks go out to Bias Recording Studios, Springfield, VA. *************** BLUES MATTERS! MAGAZINE, THE UK'S LEADING AND MOST REWARDED BLUES MAGAZINE!!!!! Love the new CD!!!!! Now we reviewed this lady's Marshall Road Apocalypse album back in issue 7 and here we are with this tasty morcel which we are told is her 5th album. There was a sad note with the album that the bands bass player Wade Matthews had passed away on August 18th, our condolences. Cathy and the band rock you in with Bitchovich which is vicious story of scheming women and jealousy check out the line; 'with your blonde hair (real tight clothes) and big tits all the things my good man can't resist' and you get a feel for the bitchyness going on here, well put over and 'rockin' good. So Proud is a swinging song about 'my man's bishop' but you have to listen or read the lyrics to spot this as the music is so damn good. Something Dark Approaching slows down the process and carries some fine organ and guitar along with another variation on Cathy's vocals. This is excellent stuff. Cathy hits you between the eyes with her powerful songs, all good compositions and the band do her proud. Blues Revue said about her that 'she is a gifted vocalist and aspiring songwriter who deserves to go mainstream'. The PR stuff is minimal and Cathy obviously let's her CDs do her talking, and they do it remarkably well. This is a pretty powerful album all round, it builds, it deals with fragilities, fears, jealousies, alcoholism, insecurities, and all in a hard way. The lyrics pack a punch and are almost a range of social commentaries and the music is equally as provocative. She rocks, swings, grooves and entices. Check out her web site. Oh, and 16 page sleeve with all lyrics. Loved it, loved it, give me more. --Caleb, editor, BLUES MATTERS! *************** (!!!!!) BLUES REVUE MAGAZINE Cathy Jean's "Little Sick Twist" takes some getting used to. Maybe it's the sex-kitten pinup art that adorns her CDs and almost every page of liner notes, or maybe it's because a couple of tunes sound like Chrissie Hynde or Patti Smith talking dirty ("Paint My Fence," for example, or "Brunettes," about a torrid lesbian encounter). Or maybe it's the notion that someone so physically attractive shouldn't have the blues in the first place. But when you listen to these 15 tunes, all but one of which bear Cathy Jean's solo writing credit, you find two truths: One, her vocal prowess and lyrical phrasing are considerable, and two, if you listen long enough you'll get what you need. Smoky blues numbers such as "Something Dark Approaching" appear alongside tracks such as "Slow Down," a fiddle and banjo tune with it's heart in Nashville, it's gut in Memphis, and it's nethers further south. On the blues-rocking "Not Pretty," the singer describes herself as tan and buff-- until she reveals the psychic damage she's endured and the neediness that compels her to beg the man she's addressing to "come hang out with me." "Happy Couple" uses the jump blues idiom to address a crumbling live-in relationship where the guy won't pay half of the bills. "No More Pecking," a piano bar blues featuring cornet, tells a story of sexual dysfunction in which the relationship has become one-sided, the man happier to be playing video games than tapping the narrator. Risky song subjects and the fine musicianship of the supporting players suggest that when Jean gets a wider audience, it's going to be because, deep down, she's all blues-- postmodernist Betty Paige irony notwithstanding. --Michael Cala, BLUES REVUE **************** ALLIGATOR RECORDS I enjoyed 'Deeper', 'Paint My Fence', 'Happy Couple' (I am a blues guy after all), 'Brunettes' (nice rockabilly feel plus interesting fantasy), 'Something Dark Approaching', 'The Judge' (hilarious, loved the accordian), 'No More Pecking' (cool 50's jazz feel). (Cathy Jean's) imagination certainly goes in a lot of different directions lyrically, and the overall level of musicianship is very good. The packaging is quite something. I guess I initially took it seriously but now see the satirical level. Production is very ambitious with lots of different instrumental textures, and things like banjos and fiddles coming and going. All in all a very ambitious record with a lot of layers ...and some really quirky moments both lyrically and musically ...I found myself drawn in and intrigued throughout.'s hard to hold my attention.-- Bruce Iglauer, CEO and Founder, ALLIGATOR RECORDS **************** MIDNIGHT SPECIAL BLUES RADIO, PARIS, FRANCE Hey Cathy! Sounds like you're made of pure energy and feeling! 5 out of 5 stars: A pleasure of feeling different. 'Something Dark Approaching' is certainly the bluest blues song I've heard this year. Better than anyone else Cathy has expressed not just her own feelings, but the feelings of millions of us who can't sleep well these nights. The music and vocals on the whole album are hypnotizing, and the lyrics are infinitely deep and honest. Kidding and serious at the same time, changing rhythms and styles just like clothes, Cathy sings all 15 songs as a single one. At least I feel it like this. As if it was not an album but a 15 chapter book whose message is so meaningful and so beautifully presented that it brings a real pleasure to play (listen? read?) it over and over again. An intellectual pleasure. Because Cathy Jean feels and thinks so contagiously different that you inevitably start to feel and think different yourself. Isn't it a pleasure?.. So, FEEL DIFFERENT - buy Little Sick Twist right now! You'll regret all your life if you don't! -- Paul Bondarovski, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL BLUES RADIO *************** MUSIC MONTHLY MAGAZINE, U.S.A. 'It is blues at the raunchiest, and at the same time, it is sweet. This woman has got an incredible set of pipes. The more I listen to the CD, the more I like. She's got some killer players, including the late, great, Wade Matthews. What a monster player he was. I really liked her last record, I thought it was great. I was excited when I got her new release... there are moments of brilliance on the album. She writes cool songs and if you dig the blues, you gotta take a listen to 'Little Sick Twist' from Cathy Jean.' --Susie Mudd, editor, Music Monthly Magazine *************** 'Just discovered the new disc available. Listened to most of the tracks and have come to the conclusion that it is your best one yet. YOU KICK ASS! Come to TEXAS!' -5 out of 5 stars, 'Howlin' The Blues', Texas City, TX, The Blues Hound, 90.1 FM KPFT *************** E-mail from Larry, CDBaby: this is your best work yet. Please don't ever stop recording. **************** DISCOGRAPHY: (Cathy Jean has recorded on many other blues, rock, and roots artist's albums as well.) 'Gospel Choir: State Competitions' 1979 (Honors) 'So Far Away' 1983 (Honors) 'Dreamseeker' 1986 (Honors/Nominee) 'Baby Jane' 1988 (Honors/Nominee) 'You Don't Know' 1992 (Honors/Nominee) 'Tear Me Apart' 1995 (Honors/Awards) 'I Want' 1998 (Honors/Awards/Nominee) 'Marshall Road Apocalypse' 2001 (Honors/Awards/Nominee) 'Little Sick Twist' 2005 (Honors/Awards/Nominee) 'Done Sayeth' (single track) 2006 Blues Revue Music, various artists ****************.

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Artist: Cathy Jean
Title: Little Sick Twist
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 8/23/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 04102034
UPC: 601041020349
Item #: CDBY102034
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