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Robertson, Charlene : Multiotherside

Robertson, Charlene : Multiotherside


~ Charlene Robertson

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Charlene Robertson's career began in her late 20's spanning from 1988 to present when her original material was first released. She is a singer songwriter, rhythm guitarist, co-producer and writes all her own material and has featured in many publications, radio airplay, television, film, concerts and charity events, mainly inspired and marketed on her own strengths. Teaching rhythum guitar and writing her own programmes for her ethnomusicology class at the Zimbabwe Colledge of music, featured on ' Under the African Skies' BBC2 1989, also an extra in King Solomons Mines, featuring Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone, at the same time. Featured in and on many music programmes,concerts,publications and charity events, in her home country, done backing work for artists in her home country and for Home Country Musicians Internationally (Bristol UK) at the time (The late Biggie Tembo) a great album!!!! ... She has also sang alot of Gospel music in the church growing up and later was lead singer in her home church choir at the time also making rhythum guitar contributions to the many choirs played with in the church and thanks God for all her talent commerically as he makes all things possible. Very talented growing up won all music,dance and art competitions and was first on television at the age of 6 years old, publications at 9 for art work.Although not fully internationally recognised with world wide attention, she is moving swiftly to that level over the span of her career creating interests as her own artist.With a fan base accquired over the years from the UK,USA, and Vitaminic the internet meduim, through Europe,America and the UK on a small solid scale and begining stages in her native Zimababwe with a sizeable following, where she has been No. 1 with Happyland a song about the land in both English and Shona and singles in English all 2,3 and 5 in the same chart.She is English speaking and has a touch of her native language 'Shona' from her grandmothers. Charlene Robertson is of mixed parentage of English and African, where drawing musically from both backgrounds has given her a unique sound with her pure rhythmic, easy accustic, style,inspires all who listens to her work and her abilty breaking through internationally. Very consistant in her releases a long journey musically carrying on and on and on and on.....not forgetting she has raised money for charity through her music work and other work. Now based in Europe and the UK and achieving releases of her music on her own label Libertie charlene robertson as LIBERTY being her favorite word with meaning to life experiences!!!! Has to date released, a Combination album to raise money for children on the frontline, 3 singles, Debut Album Liberty, 2nd album Multiotherside (International) and currently about to release 3rd album Rhythum (International) 2007 and concentrate on more live work with a view to raise money for many causes, promoting her work mainly online and where her work is ready and available to purchase in most internet meduims, get your copy at CD Baby . Charlene is based in the UK and Europe. Email - charlenerobertsonmusic@yahoo. Co.UK She is looking to be signed by a Major Label...More to come on this artist keep you posted of what's going on...

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Artist: Charlene Robertson
Title: Robertson, Charlene : Multiotherside
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 2/5/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637246137
UPC: 5060039910010
Item #: CDBY399100
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