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Da Fifth Year Senior

Da Fifth Year Senior


~ Charlieo

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Product Notes

Born Charles Beasley, AKA 'Charlieo,' this MC/producer has had his eyes on the hip-hop world around him and has been rhyming ever since the age of 12. Growing up in 'Da Trails,' he'd seen a lot and done a lot, so Charlieo chose to speak on it through his lyrics. He first realized he could freestyle on a bus ride home against his homeboy DJ (R.I.P.). They would go back and forth even though, Charlieo admits, he did not win. It pushed him even more to be the best at this art of rhyming. Over the years, Charlieo tightened up his game and wrote more about trials and tribulations of the streets. In 2000, Charlieo started saving a little money to purchase some music equipment to further his music career independantly. Charlieo started out with your basic 4-track, a drum machine, and a keyboard. He began to experiment with the music equipment, learning them rather quickly, evolving to burning and distributing 3 underground CD's, featuring various artist from the neighborhood. Instead of hustling the wrong things, he was trying to become a true entrapanuer to the game by selling his own music. Charlieo soon had to look at the big picture, and seek a home to further his talents, and receive the exposure a true talented mc/producer deserves. He then joined the newly emerging and highly anticipated, Bossman Records in late 2003. While with Bossman Records, Charlieo is the first artist/producer on the label and has been grinding in the studio daily. Between writing, producing and arranging the music, the youngsta is bringing a unique sound to hip-hop, which will be definitely identifiable, through that '808 kick' or his 'southern-playalistic style flow,' yes this guy is a triple threat. Yea he writes, produces all tracks, and puts on a great performance. Very, very talented.

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Artist: Charlieo
Title: Da Fifth Year Senior
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 6/28/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637231502
UPC: 184279000012
Item #: CDBY900001
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