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Schizophrenia of Love

Schizophrenia of Love


~ Chester Owens

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Product Notes

Below is a brief description of the CD, Schizophrenia of Love and a few word about the artist, Chester Owens About Schizophrenia of Love Schizophrenia of Love explores a journey, one of many, through love and relationships. All of the songs have a idealistic and cynical side except Song for My Daughter. This piece is about the pure love and hope that parents have for their daughter. We begin with the voices in our heads that dictate the confusion of that first glance, those first feelings and the Schizophrenia that can haunt us in our relationships. As we melt into that first glance, we run away into a fantasy of how our future will be. In an instant, we know the we will be Lovers (In) Forever. So we go out on a few dates and the big night of the consumation of our new relationship finally arrives. We watch television, but not really. We're too filled with anticipation, nervousness. Until finally, someone makes the first move into the Midnight Groove. The next day, overwhelmed, we fantisize intensely with a lust and duality about that next meeting. A feeling so hot that it can only be expressed as I Wanna Be Your God, I Wanna Be Your Slave. Finally, lust evolves into that giddy feeling or sometimes queasy feeling of love. And all we can think about is how complete they make us feel When They (You) Kiss Me On My Neck and how love was just a word Before You. If you are lucky, there is real commitment, a child is born and you sing a song of love and hope in a Song For My Daughter. All to often though, the joy of a new child is followed by the sorrow of breaking up. And when we're apart we seem to remember all the good things that did not seem to be there when we were together. All we can do is feel how much we are Missing You. Will you was written as a comentary on how the horrors of our society are created and how those horrors can slowly be faded away. A social commentary of the effects of love or the lack thereof. Finally, What I Owe You, is just a means to shaking a little ass. Party! About Chester Owens Chester W. Owens, Jr. - Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer. Chester has played guitar since the young age of eight. His most recent position has been to work with Denver favorite Hazel Miller. As her resident guitarist for two and a half years, he concentrated his efforts as a full-time musician. Currently, he just completed writing and producing a CD of his original music, Schizophrenia of Love. He also continues to work as a studio musician, and as a freelance guitarist. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Chester's love of the guitar began at a young age. His first guitar was purchased by his mother with grocery store trading stamps. By the age of 16, he began to play with some of the local young musicians, and more often than not, could be found in the jazz and blues clubs around Jackson. His mentors included musicians who played with blues legends like B.B. King, Johnnie Taylor, Bobby Rush, Bobby Bland, and ZZ Hill, just to name a few. Shortly thereafter, Chester was playing guitar full-time in Mississippi and Louisiana. Some of the bands he played with included 24-7 (R&B), Kyle Turner Quartet (jazz), the Robyn E. Band (R&B, folk), the Andy Hardwick Group (R&B, jazz, blues), and in addition, worked on a number of short-term projects. In 1994, Chester moved to Denver, Colorado. Since moving to Denver, he has worked with popular Denver acts, such as Rich Relations, Leslie Drayton, Hazel Miller and Al-Tune, just to name a few. Education Chester attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA for a short time before he went on to earn a Bachelor of Music, with a classical guitar emphasis, from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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Artist: Chester Owens
Title: Schizophrenia of Love
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 6/24/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637247545
UPC: 821960017729
Item #: CDBY001772
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