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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf


~ Chris Charles

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Product Notes

A new solo album by this Portland Oregon based singer-songwriter. Release Date: November 30, 2004 14 songs!!! This album features a wide variety of retro rock influences with a country folk feel to it. From the bare bones country folk of 'Anywhere But Here' to the futuristic rock of '21st Century Man.' His influences range from Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, and all those 60's rock groups, but especially The Bealtes, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and The Moody Blues. You can hear those influences in every song. 'Written In Ashes' keyboardist Damon Law lent his talents on '21st Century Man' and, on the must listen to, ANTI-WAR ballad 'Fighting For The Cause' with stunning results. 'You've been fooled into thinkin' That you believe in the cause And you may think you know the answers But you've been lied to before' 'Fighting for the Cause' by Chris Charles Copyright 2004 BMI Also of note; Track 4, 'A Creature Of The Sea,' was written to call attention to the problem of the current sonar being used by the US Navy. This new sonar is so powerful that it floods the worlds oceans with up to 200 decibels of sound with disastrous results for our sea mammal friends. It causes them to bleed from the ears, mouth and brain. Says Chris: Imagine a sound so painfully loud that it would make you want to jump off the Earth, even though you knew it would kill you. Whales and dolphins beach themselves to escape this high intensity sonor that the Navy is now using. 'I thought the whales should have a voice in the matter.' UPDATE: In November 2008 The Natural Resources Defense Council lost it's suit against the Navy. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Navy. So, as far as the Supreme Court is concerned, it is ok for the navy to continue torturing these animals! UPDATE 2012: It has recently been revealed that this is not just a new kind of sonar. It is actually a sonar weapon. So, I guess we'll be safe it we get attacked by AquaMan. Recorded at Twang Music Studios in Portland Oregon Mastering by Jon Lindahl at Fresh Tracks Studio All songs written by Chris Charles, Copyright 2004 BMI. '21st Century Man' Produced by Damon Law. All other songs produced by Chris Charles. Damon Law plays synthesizer on '21st Century Man' and 'Fighting For The Cause.' Lindsey Orcutt plays flute on 'Some Things Never Change.' All other instruments by Chris Charles. All Vocals: Chris Charles Cover art by: Damon Law Be sure and check out Chris Charles' other albums right here at CD Baby! They are also available on the special $5.00 menu. Just click on the links below. Twang Music.

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Artist: Chris Charles
Title: Lone Wolf
Genre: Country
Release Date: 11/30/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637248826
UPC: 634479063862
Item #: SRD906386
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