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When It's Perfect

When It's Perfect


~ Christian Brown

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Product Notes

Born in isolation on the frozen arctic plains of Fairbanks, Alaska in Dec. 1985, Christian Brown had difficulty adhering to the stern social structure of a small Midwestern college town when his family relocated to Cedar Falls, IA in 1992. Aside from a few very close friends, Christian mostly kept to himself, wasting his days developing creative pass-times, and marveling at Midwestern technologies such as TV and Radio. Finally exposed to the barrage of mainstream entertainment media, Christian fell in love with the pop/alternative hits of the '90s and discovered an obsession. He immersed himself in music, listening to albums from his favorite artists over and over literally thousands of times. Out of this Christian developed a need to create his own music. Beginning in grade school on the saxophone, Christian astonished his teachers with his determination, practicing as much as twenty hours per week. Although rarely studying his sheet music, Christian loved to jam and loved jazz improvisation. He quickly accelerated to studying college level Jazz theory by the end of junior high. Earning the high school label "band nerd," Christian spent countless hours skipping classes to hide out in practice rooms and jam on his new found favorite music maker, the piano. Narrowing his direction to the music he truly loved, Christian started a pop/alternative cover band with two high school friends. Initially desiring to be the lead singer, the band aggravated audiences with Christian's attempt to mimic the voices he heard on the radio with his plain, baritone voice. Frustrated but undeterred, he and his band auditioned a new singer and began writing original music. Always a do-it-yourselfer, Christian diversified his skills and took the role of producer for his band. This opened up new opportunities for him. He played in and produced many different local bands throughout high school until landing an internship at Catamount Recording, a local gold record certified recording studio. In his post high school years Christian began his professional career opening his own recording studio and joining a popular local band The Beat Strings. In addition to producing their debut, Christian toured with the band multiple times across the country including a fifty date full US tour and a stage at SXSW in Austin, TX. Although satisfied with his background role playing keyboards, Christian always felt the need to create. He was constantly held back by his own insecurities over his vocal abilities and discouragement from other musicians. He became fed up with compromising and having to mold himself to what fit the current local scene. Almost in rebellion Christian began to write on his own. With full intention to impress no one, he set out to create the album he always wanted, a cheesy, over the top, overproduced, alternative/pop album with no compromises or apologies. Taking asymmetric influences ranging from the poetic beauty of Death Cab For Cutie and Coldplay, the eccentric genius of At The Drive In, the raw unrefined Thursday, to the lyrical bluntness of Johnny Cash, Christian poured his expressions out all over the rickety old Baldwin upright piano in his studio. In a few months he had finally written his masterpiece. Staying true to his original goal, Christian kept his songs simple. With lyrics anyone could understand and melodies anyone could sing along with. He wrote entirely about personal events from his own life, some shallow and obnoxious, some fun and youthful, some more mature, but all plain, honest, and genuine. Finally after 3 months of writing, one year of recording, and 21 years of living, Christian had finally created his perfect debut album, "When It's Perfect."

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Artist: Christian Brown
Title: When It's Perfect
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/8/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637249447
UPC: 796873015042
Item #: SRD301504
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