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Chroma Live

Chroma Live


~ Chroma

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ABOUT THE DISC "Chroma LIVE" captures the energetic, groove induced Vibe Chroma creates at their live shows. Recorded live at THE NEW WORLD BREWERY (YBOR City, FL) and THE GREEN TUTRTLE TAVERN (Fernandina Beach), it starts strong with NAME, a tune with a a galloping electronica groove and a half-time, punk anthem ending. From here on, the album flows from one track to the next interrupted only by enthusiastic cheers from the audience. The disc includes some extremely fluid, mind bending jams, an inspired ballad and some throw down, funkin' rock'n'roll. ABOUT THE BAND Chroma is a quartet that rocks, funks, jams, cries, screams, sings and has a damn good time. In the four years that they have been together, Chroma has shared the stage with George Clinton ( Paliament Funkadelic) and John Popper (Blues Traveler), and opened for some great artists namely Robert Walters Twentieth Congress, Perpetual Groove, Moonshine Still and the The Big Wu. They participated in one of the southeast's Coolest New Festvals: UPHONIA, with such artists and MOFRO and Keller Williams Chroma's music defies categorization...the minute you think you've got it pinned down to a genre, the mood shifts; like the light when a cloud passes over head. It's seems clear that the sound is rooted in a funk jazz perspective, but it's only that; a perspective. Check out "Choices", one of the band's most well known tunes. This song starts with an oozing behind the beat New Orleans Funk complete with tight three-part harmony. By the end of the song, the band is a churning bowl of 70's rock crunch yanked ever upward by the firey, hendrix-like rippings of guitarist Ariel Naor. Then, listen to a song like "The Golden Medallion" and hear a reflective searching that is missing from most funk bands. Notice as the verse gives way to the more optimistic Chorus, like the sun from behind the clouds, and the band falls into an exhilarated, African sounding trot. To experience yet another shade of this eclectic Band, check out "The Great Deceiver". It is an almost wicked sounding jazz-fusion tune with a driving rhythm section and screaming keyboard synth on the melody. The solos drift into a dreamy, psychadelic haze only to erupt into a white knuckled climax. So, if you think of a good way to describe the band, let them know, they'd love the input. HISTORY During the first phase of Chroma's existence, the band worked and toured out of Jacksonville, FL. The time in Jacksonville was spent living together in a house by the beach honing their skills; as players and as a business. Through all the trials of keeping a band and a business together, the guys never lost focus from their true goals: To make honest, inspired music with their best friends and rock audiences with as much feeling and groove as it was possible to muster. To do this, the band realized the necessity of self awareness and a laser focus on bettering the music. They would have to quit the day jobs to achieve the level of focus that the music required of them. After gaining a strong fan base in Tampa, Gainesville, and Jacksonville, the band has decided to move north, to Philadelphia, PA. In Philly, the band looks forward to a fresh start. A new flame kindled with the sparks of renewed musical focus, rich cultural exchanges, the changing seasons and the energy of the BIG northeastern cities. With a great team including management, booking agent and street teams, Chroma is ready to reach their true potential and Rock the life into audiences all around this great world!

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Artist: Chroma
Title: Chroma Live
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/22/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637250056
UPC: 634479375668
Item #: SRD937566
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