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~ Chromium Blitz

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Chromium Blitz originates from Nashville, Tennessee. The band consists of three original members: Scott Clarke - (Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Drums and Percussion) Ricardo Galvan - (Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Bass Guitar) Jack Browning - (Rhythm Guitars, Lead guitars, Hammond Organ, Phantom Organ, Electric Piano, Various Synths) The songwriting shared between Clarke and Galvan is based on factual, real life events and experiences through the years reflective of the appropriate title of their debut CD, Hardtimes. The groups name is a description of the power, passion and intensity it brings to you musically on disc or in a live performance. The band started playing live under the name, 'Madhatter' performing two benefit concerts for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and a benefit for "Rock for the Animals," in the Nashville area. Their first demo was recorded and, shortly thereafter, received 31 airplays in 25 days. The group won the 92-Q Budweiser Showdown Tournament of Jams getting a recording contract with Capitol Records who released the bands single, 'Get Ready To Rock' on vinyl which was the song that won them the contest and Capitol distributed the single to over 500 Major Rock radio stations nationwide getting the band airplay on the charts for the first time and getting them more fans than ever. Later, they took a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida making it into the finals of the Battle of the Bands and got the slot the next day to be the opening band for Richard Marx for a sellout crowd. After a lot of hard work playing many live concerts, club dates and getting much recognition from their fans with songs on the radio from the late 80's to the early 90's for many years still with Capitol Records with their single still doing well on the radio with the fans wanting an album to buy, the band wanting to hit the studio and Capitol wanting to work out a 5 year extension to the bands contract the band was progressing forward in a big way to play the larger venues with even more well known famous bands while the music lawyers worked out a deal best for the band Capitol wanted to see the band live open a show one more time under more pressure with 10,000 people or more there so Madhatter was booked at The Starwood Ampitheatre to open for Krokus and Headliner Judas Priest. We were excited and knew since we were a live band anyway it would be not only a step to get more fans and promote the bands music to be on the up and coming record which was to be not a problem to get up there and kick it live as usual and have even more fun being the opener for Judas Priest, who wouldn't be stoked and ready for that? The lead vocalist left the band right in the middle of the bands up and coming success, just a month after the big concert. We auditioned other singers but the chemistry wasn't there and Capitol wanted that sound with the singer we had to record our album and give us a 5 year record deal not anyone else doing the singing to that music then, so we lost our singer over the lamest excuse anyone could ever give when you are in a successful band with a pending record deal, pretty much all done but the signing of the papers then in the studio and out with a record with more songs out on the radio! There is no reason other than you just died and that is why you can't do it, that would be the only reason that would have been valid in this case but it wasn't even close to even making sense but the 3 of us moved on. I said I still want to do an album and I told Ricardo you and I are going to sing the whole thing, I'm tired of trying out these singers and they can't sing like we can or how we want it so if you want something done right you do it yourself. Not to mention you don't have to worry about some singer quitting for some lame reason and putting up with their I can't do this or their Prima Donna Ego Trip attitudes. So, we decided and that was it, then the magic happened. We wrote all new music and did it all ourselves The founding members later decided, it was time to change the band name and head into the studio to record their debut album, 'Hardtimes' with Clarke and Galvan sharing the lead vocal responsibilities. With Clarke singing the high tenor range songs and Galvan singing the lower baritone range songs creating an original style more diverse than most Hard Rock/Metal bands you hear today. Since, the band has received great reviews on the CD locally, nationally, internationally, in magazines as well as webzines online. Their music is being aired in Nashville, TN, Rochester, NY, Daytona Beach, FL, and in many other states on radio stations, and worldwide on internet radio. Chromium Blitz - 'HARDTIMES' -A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FIVE STAR ROCK CD- 'This CD is an undiscovered epic for all rock lovers to own' -NASHVILLE MUSIC GUIDE- Nashville Chromium Blitz crosses the Progressive/Power Metal barrier one way and heads the opposite direction with traditional, solid groove Hard Rock. Melodic musical passages, stunning versatile vocal work with colorful hooks, and a mixture of catchy harmonies capture your attention early on their debut CD, Hardtimes. The CD captures the classic,'up in your face' sound that made the heavy hitters of the 70's, 80's and 90's a known force to reckon with. As you start track one you have an instantly haunting introduction that preludes the up tempo, Ozzy induced, Sabbath styled riffer, 'Contrivance' which instantly grabs your attention with the pounding drums and grinding guitar riffs, topping it off with a dark feel in the chorus and overall lyric content. The mood soon get's in the up mode with the funk-metal groover, 'Good Thing' which quickly reveals the groups talent by showing there's another lead vocalist, in this very dynamic rockfest of variety at it's peak. They demonstrate 'about face' versatility with the orchestrated acoustic ballad, 'Baby I Smile', tugging at your heart strings in the same light as supergroups, Chicago and legends of yesterday, The Beatles. But, the band doesn't stop there and shows yet another unsuspected twist to the mystery by showing their roots of down south, and captures the esscence again with the bluesy, 'Til the Bitter End', showing you that there's a little bit of Lynyrd Skynard in the hardest of rock bands. 'Chromium Blitz, 'HARDTIMES' will remind you of the day when you could buy a record and every song on it was good. There is something for on this album for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age and musical taste' -SHAKE MAGAZINE- Nashville This CD is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any serious rock lovers collection. Be sure and checkout this release from the south's hottest hard rock band. VERSATILITY IN ROCK MUSIC IS HERE~ GET Chromium Blitz 'HARDTIMES' TODAY!!!

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Artist: Chromium Blitz
Title: Hardtimes
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/31/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637250097
UPC: 659057342429
Item #: SRD734242
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