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~ Chronic Bliss

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Chronic Bliss ('krä-nik 'blis) 1 a: Recurring episodes of overwhelming intense pleasure, b: Refined modern rock music group. Chronic Bliss has taken guitar rock to the next level with the infusion of punk, reggae, and tasty melodic structures. Jeff Bower (vocals, guitar) and Jeff Chelewski (lead guitar) blend their guitars into one powerful rock sound. Together with the innate skills of Erik Josephson (bass guitar, vocals) and consummate rock drumming of Jeff Beckstrom, this foursome combines into one solid unit. Their extensive musical backgrounds unite to become a tight sound that will grab your musical emotions and hold them captive with diversity. 'The whole crowd really takes to them' - The Royal Grove Chronic Bliss originally formed in 1995 and released a self-produced, self-titled CD in 1998 - selling over 1000 copies while playing venues from Spring Break at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Breckenridge, Colorado. Talented musicians with experience behind them, Chronic Bliss released their second CD 'dos' in 2003. 'dos' blends a variety of different musical styles into one modern rock stance. ''dos' is a very impressive album, transcending genres at every turn.' - State of Emergency, UK/USA Music Portal 'If variety is the spice of life, then 'dos' is the cinnamon in your CD collection.' - State of Emergency, UK/USA Music Portal Chronic Bliss hits the stage with energy, creating a show that will expose the very heart of rock and roll. They bring a full, tight sound into a live performance. Chronic Bliss has played venues with numerous national acts including The Hazies, Blue October, The Hunger, Brother Cane, and the Comstock Rock Festival with Ted Nugent, Vince Neil, Def Leppard, Jackyl, Gin Blossoms, and Seven Mary Three. Chronic Bliss's talent creates an 'I wanna rock' atmosphere that will leave no one untouched by their musical abilities. 'There's no sitting down for this group' - Grand Island Independent '(Chronic Bliss) lends a new branch to the music scene.' - Twist and Shout Press ?'(Chronic Bliss) ...blend a variety of different musical styles into one modern rock stance. The sound can change from metal to grunge to punk to ska to acoustic and back again. Vocalist Jeff Bower manages to recondition his voice to each change in style, all the while writing some excellent lyrics. (Quite how he manages to sound like Fred Durst without making me want to do a Vincent Van Gogh I'll never know.)' State Of Emergency UK based Independent Online Magazine ?'Chronic Bliss's enthusiasm and excitement captures the audience by performing catchy originals as well as covers with a twist. These guys are probably one of the best bands here in Lincoln and is evident by watching this band live!' Fat Nappy's Lincoln, NE ? 'These guys are so happy playing music you want to see them live. They are also very talented, if a bit strange. A mix of reggae, metal, punk and rock, dos lends a new branch to the... music scene. (Chronic Bliss) are totally focused on playing music they can enjoy. Their wide range of influences whips up an oddly balanced presentation.' Twist and Shout Magazine Fort Dodge, IA ?'The whole crowd really takes to them, the women whoop and the men holler! You can't find a band around here with better stage presence!' The Royal Grove Lincoln, NE.

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Artist: Chronic Bliss
Title: Dos
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2/17/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637250100
UPC: 659057974026
Item #: SRD797402
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