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Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home

Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home


~ Cindy Foster, LCSW

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We typically tend to postpone dealing with our stress, waiting for an ideal time in which we imagine ourselves being able to relax . . . in some place away from work. During the workday, most of us avoid paying attention to how the mind and body absorb stress, until we are forced to notice when we reach the point of getting sick or challenged in some other way. Mindful meditation is an antidote to stress. Decades of scientific research have proven the health benefits of meditation and imagery. Research shows that regular meditation practice can boost mental functions such as concentration, memory, and learning. Today, more and more physicians and health care professionals are prescribing meditation and imagery for patients to help reduce blood pressure, decrease production of chronic stress hormones, lessen anxiety and depressive symptoms, and improve immune system functioning. Meditation is highly useful in alleviating pain and other symptoms associated with chronic conditions. Many corporations in the United States and throughout the world have discovered the benefits of meditation and utilize programs such as this recording within the daily work routine. Anyone can learn to meditate. Do not confuse an active mind or body with an inability to meditate. There are many ways to meditate and this CD offers you a selection, depending on your own individual situation and preference. The meditations on this CD blend scientific knowledge and technique with a compassionate and user-friendly presentation. By listening to this CD during your work breaks, you will have an easy, structured, and effective way to pay attention to yourself, and reduce your stress . . . NOW. Cindy Foster, a licensed clinical psychotherapist since 1982, established the Augusta Stress Reduction Program in 2001. The Augusta Stress Reduction Program provides information, group courses, individual sessions, workplace trainings, and retreats in stress reduction. As founder, director, and primary facilitator, Cindy developed the Augusta program from a synthesis of effective models in use at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Center for Mind/Body Medicine in Washington, DC. Cindy also incorporates proven methods from various other integrative medicine programs and research centers in the United States, as well as those drawn from her own many years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist. Cindy's training and credentials are in both conventional psychotherapy and in mind-body medicine. Cindy's recordings of guided mindful meditations and guided imageries are research-based and highly effective for furthering one's specific goals. 'Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home' is her most recent professionally produced CD recording available to help reduce stress in the workplace (or home). By putting into practice an effective and varied range of theoretical knowledge, experience, and technique, Cindy helps provide you with tools and choices to discover and utilize for yourself your innate healing abilities. ENDORSEMENTS "This CD does a very nice job of introducing a variety of different meditation techniques to listeners, in a very accessible format. I particularly like the 'permissive' style, allowing listeners to experiment, and choose what works for them. The introductions are comprehensive, and should give beginners the structure they need to settle into the experience . . .It's a fine contribution to the field and I'm happy to support it." Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD Clinical Psychologist Faculty - Harvard Medical School Board of Directors & Faculty - Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy Co-Author of "Back Sense: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain." Co-editor of "Mindfulness and Psychotherapy." 'Contemporary life is profound and complex, hazarded with a seemingly ever-quickening pace and multitude of activities that taxes our vital energies and stresses our bodyminds. Cindy Foster's carefully researched, easy to use system of Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home is an effective countermeasure for such postmodern fatigue. Regular use of these mindfulness practices will lead to an increase in energy, reduction in stress, and an overall improvement in one's sense of well-being. More than that, these simple but effective exercises can aid in release into one's innermost depths, revealing the boundless Freedom and Love that one has always been. So whether you desire less stress, greater health, more vitality, or yearn to recall your Deepest Self, Foster's system is for you - highly recommended." Dr. Michael Schwartz, Ph.D., Columbia University Associate Director of Art Domain at Integral University, Integral Institute Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University Member of Board of Directors, The Forge Institute "Nicely done. I think one of the best features was the variable length of different segments, so that people can utilize it anywhere from 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, etc. I think that will really maximize usability. Also, nice combining of breathing techniques, imagery and mindfulness principles. Thanks for letting me hear it!" Mark B. Weisberg, Ph.D., ABPP, Clinical Health Psychologist Diplomat, American Board of Professional Psychology, Minneapolis, MN 'I have really enjoyed the CD, 'Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home.' It is no ordinary meditation CD, since it blends expert guidance in relaxation/ meditation techniques with a wonderful background of instrumental music accompanying some of the exercises. It is apparent that so much care and attention has been put into the development of this CD. The sound quality of the CD is excellent! I found the CD's format and instructions to be very easy to understand and motivating. The first three parts of the CD are easy to follow and very appropriate for those who are beginning a meditation practice. Parts 4 and 5 are effective in enhancing relaxation and meditation practices, reducing stress and facilitating a sense of well-being. Cindy's calm and soothing voice and the positive messages and affirmations that she conveys in her guidance bring about a very pleasant journey for her listeners. The meditative music in the last part is lovely to listen to while meditating or doing any relaxing activities. It is the best CD of it's kind that I have experienced, and I would recommend it for anyone interested in learning to relax, beginning or enhancing his/her meditation practice.' Carolyn Stark, Employee Assistance Program Director (retired) Saint Joseph Mercy Health System Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Artist: Cindy Foster, LCSW
Title: Brief Meditations for the Workplace or Home
Genre: Spoken
Release Date: 5/2/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637250669
UPC: 783707288406
Item #: CDBY728840
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