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Back from Nowhere

Back from Nowhere


~ Cv Wells

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Product Notes

Who the hell is Cv Wells? It's a fair question, because he literally came out of nowhere with this 'debut ' CD, produced by Grammy nominated producer/multi-insturmentalist Reggie Griffin. Featuring the soaring vocals and songwriting of Cv Wells, the collection ranges from the worldly wise 'Spinning of the Wheel' to the soulful, epic metaphor 'Castaway'. Blend those with the sexy 'Lost Inside Your Eyes',the romantic stress reliever 'Firelight', the knock out R&B 'Heartbeat', then add a dash of the humorous country of 'Back in the Day'and then give a listen to CV's touching arrangement of Roslin Sinclair's hauntingly beautiful 'Calling Me Home' and you begin to get a picture of Cv Wells. But to answer the original question, 'Who the hell is Cv Wells?', you'll need to go back many years. At age eighteen, only one year after picking up the guitar, CV was performing in local folk clubs in spite of extreme stage fright. By nineteen he was married and the father of a son. He struggled to balance work, family and music but began writing his own songs. In his early 20's he submitted songs to recording companies in L. A. and was flown to L.A. by a producer to audition for a recording contract. Wells says, "I was shaking so badly and had so little self-confidence, I didn't even sing one of my own songs, my voice cracked, and I fell apart at the audition." He returned home broken hearted, but on the basis of the songs he'd submitted, was offered a "staff songwriter contract" At that time his life began to sound like the story for a country song. He was informed that his young wife had left him and taken their son to another city. He was told he could not have joint custody of his son until he showed a stable income and home life. The songwriter contract was left unsigned. "I did write a few whiney victim songs in that era, which I laugh at today," says Wells. 'I don't do victim songs anymore'. While holding down a day job, Wells formed a band and performed locally looking to break in to the San Francisco scene. The break came in the form of an offer to play on the same bill with Santana and several other area groups. Ego struggles within the band led to a break up just weeks before the show. Once more broken hearted, Wells walked, no, ran away from the music scene. "Music seemed like a cruel mistress to me" he says, "and I just didn't think I could take another heartbreak." I always seemed to wind up going nowhere. He literally ran for the hills and wound up in Lake Tahoe, working in a casino. "I wanted to leave music and the heartbreak behind. The casino life offered many temptations to help me forget." A brief bout with gambling, drugs and alcohol followed but his desire to see his son on a regular basis was enough incentive for Wells to clean up his act. Almost 7 years had passed. He was still nowhere. But the "cruel mistress" was persistent and called to him again. After playing for friends at a party, Wells was encouraged to form a trio that soon grew to a six piece band. Within one year, Cv Wells' band was the highest paid in the area and playing in the big casinos. But he still felt like it was going nowhere. "I had to play popular dance numbers whether I liked the songs or not. I wrote new songs, but never had the confidence to play them for my band or anyone. Once again I was turning my back on my own music." One night, after a grueling week of working a full time day job and singing in the band six nights, six sets from 10 PM to 4 in the morning, Wells, his voice almost gone, told the band he was through. The guitar went back into the closet rarely to be seen in the next twenty years. Today, Wells realizes that 'the cruel mistress", as he once called his music, was not the one holding him back. It was his lack of belief in himself. But as you will find by listening to his songs, life has taught him how to laugh, love, and how to let go of the past. He says, "I'm 'Back From Nowhere,' but this time I'm back for good." Cover art by Ros and Scotty Nelson.

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Artist: Cv Wells
Title: Back from Nowhere
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 7/1/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638305684
UPC: 888295114363
Item #: 1255177X