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Money Sex Murder

Money Sex Murder


~ Cyanide

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Product Notes

To take a trip inside the mind of the horrorcore rapper Cyanide is to take a trip into the darkness. Cyanide sings of blood, murder, drug abuse, partying, strippers and drinking - and his imagination is a relentless one, going to deep into the heart of insanity. But above all, Cyanide is a storyteller, and the stories he raps about are meant for more than just shock value - they're also about bad consequences, regrets and self-hatred. On his new album, Money Sex Murder, released on his label Maniac Records, Cyanide has raised his game as a beat maker and storyteller, and the results are undeniably powerful. Originally from Mobile, Alabama, and influenced by seminal Detroit horrorcore artists like ICP and Twistid, Cyanide has been a prolific rapper and record maker throughout the decade, and Money Sex Murder comes on the heels of his first two successful full-lengths, The Mind Is A Terrible Thing and Heartless. And the style that he uses to make his beats immediately sets him apart. As he explains, "In horrorcore, most people use old samples. We use new and mainstream beats - it's a clean style of production that sets us apart." And as a storyteller, Cyanide also has set himself apart. "I'm bringin' a little more humor to the tracks," he explains. "Every song has a beginning, middle and end - these are real stories I want to tell." Cyanide's rhyming and storytelling skills are on full display on the Money Sex Murder's first single, "I Like." With a sound reminiscent of Kottonmouth Kings and Eminem, the track goes through the dark desires of it's lead character. As Cyanide says, "It's about a person who loves doing a lot of crazy stuff - drinking and driving, pills, drugs, bad women. But they always end up hating themselves for it." What makes the track so special is that Cyanide's writing skills convey why acting crazy is so irresistible - and so destructive. "I Coulda Had" continues to rap of the destructive pull of the world of bling. He says, "It's an anti-bling song. It's about all those amazing things that you could have if you hadn't spent all your money on partying, drinking and strippers." With it's female background vocalists singing on the choruses, you get a sense of the loss and regret - but you also get a sense of all the fun had - which makes it all the darker. And "Lunacy" is just a straight trippin' horrorcore song - all blood, drugs, crimes and murder. It's dark, bloody, terrifying - a tour inside the mind of the criminally insane. And it's thrilling. After spending 6 months making Money Sex Murder, Cyanide has relocated to Austin, Texas. "I've done the south," Cyanide explains. "I've toured every where in Mississippi. But there are great horrorcore markets in Austinm Dallas and Houston, and I've already got a lot of fans here. So it's all good." So with a thrilling new album, killer new songs and a new home, for Cyanide, it is indeed all good.

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    Title: Money Sex Murder
    Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
    Release Date: 4/21/2009
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637260495
    UPC: 700261264523
    Item #: CDBY126452
    This product is a special order