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~ Dani Gurgel

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After playing various musical instruments during 15 years, Dani Gurgel was able to find the one she loves best: her voice. Dani has done a little bit of everything. She played the tenor sax in Robert Sion's big band, and the baritone and soprano with Zimbo Trio. When she began to write songs with lyrics, after 15 years deep in the instrumental universe, Dani discovered singing. Her past makes it easy to understand why in the album "Nosso" (2008) her voice is constantly used as a musical instrument, and vocal solos complete the ensemble with the musicians' improvisation. With her eyes fixed straight ahead, but never forgetting to take a good look around, Dani strives to bring together musical talents with common goals - as was done by Elis Regina, who recorded songs by João Bosco, Gilberto Gil and Ivan Lins when they were still unknown. Dani organized a series of concerts in 2007, entitled "Dani Gurgel e Novos Compositores" (Dani Gurgel and the New Composers), which inspired her entire repertoire. This was also the theme to the concert with Tom Jobim Orchestra, in which she acted as curator and guest singer. American record label Artistshare™ was responsible for the recent worldwide release of her latest album "Agora", which features 22 of her contemporary Brazilian composers. As a singer-songwriter, Dani often writes lyrics to her partners' music. Her songs are already part of many albums by singers such as Joana Duáh "(Dá Licença", the title song, was written by Dani, Debora Gurgel and Thiago Rabello), Tatiana Parra ("Depois", by Dani and Tatiana) and Adriana Godoy ("Talvez Humana", by Dani and Debora Gurgel). Last but certainly not least, are the unreleased lyrics entitled "Estrada Bela", written by Dani for Maria Schneider's "The 'Pretty' Road". About the album 'Agora' In each song, Dani receives one or more guests: the song's composer(s) who is (are) part of the recording. The new faces tonic the record's different sonorities as well. Unity is made possible by Thiago Rabello's production and Dani's beautiful interpretation, combined with each guest's unique personality. As natural as child play, the songs go from jazz to pop. There are sambas (popular Brazilian rhythm), such as Vinicious Calderoni's "Linha na Pipa" (Kite on the line), grooves, like Danilo Moraes and Ricardo Teté's "Clinch" (Onomatopoeia), themes on the edge of erudite music and jazz, like the song "Depois" (After), Dani's partnership with Tatiana Parra, and a mixture of Brazilian influences, as displayed in Rafa Barreto's overwhelming "Bate Pilão" ("Pilão" is an instrument used in Brazilian and African cooking. "Bate" is the movement made in order to crush grains). Tracks: 1. Linha na Pipa (w/ Vinicius Calderoni) 03:02 2. Clinch (w/ Danilo Moraes & Ricardo Teté) 03:38 3. Da Onde Vem (w/ Dani Black) 02:45 4. De Casa (w/ Leo Versolato) 03:56 5. Depois (w/ Tatiana Parra) 04:24 6. Lé com Cré (w/ Tó Brandileone & Leo Bianchini) 04:13 7. Quem Dera (w/ Demetrius Lulo & Wagner Barbosa) 03:45 8. Não Tem 03:44 9. Rei Xangô (w/ Ricardo Barros) 04:04 10. Bate Pilão (w/ Rafa Barreto) 03:58.

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Artist: Dani Gurgel
Title: Agora
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 9/11/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 28472
UPC: 8597037284722
Item #: CDBY372847
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