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Gospel Mountain Music

Gospel Mountain Music


~ Danny Duvall

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Product Notes

HELLO,I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR VISITING WITH ME --AND PLEASE COME BACK ANYTIME.-I HAVE SEVERAL OTHER GOSPEL CD'S HERE ON CD BABY THAT SHOULD BE SHOWING UP ANY TIME NOW-KEEP CHECKING IT TAKE'S A WHILE TO GET THEM ALL RELEASED -THERE SHOULD BE AT LEAST 5 OR 6 MORE ON HERE BY NOW-THANK YOU I am just a common down to earth singer and guitar player- nothing fancy-but I do sing from the heart and with the Lord's Spirit-I hope you enjoy. It seem's like song # 7 is the one that most people like the best-the rest of the song's seem to be a toss-up. For the people who have ask why I don't go with a Major Label, instead of staying Independent? The answer is so far I am doing OK as Independent and don't see any reason to go with a Major Label--I have more down below about this. I would like to thank all of the Gospel Radio station's who play my Gospel Music. If there were no Gospel Radio station's and worker's for the Lord on the Gospel Radio,then the public would not get to hear a lot of the Gospel Music that is available now day's. AND EXTRA THANK'S GOES TO A RADIO STATION IN AUSTRALIA-AND TO A FELLOW BY THE NAME OF- OHN WILLIAM GOODE OF YASS-FM- 100.3-JOHN PLAY'S GOOD-OLE-COUNTRY-GOSPEL-MUSIC, ON HIS RADIO SHOW -AND GAVE ME A GOOD ENOUGH RATING TO PLAY MY GOSPEL MUSIC-I WOKE UP ABOUT 4-AM ONE MORNING WITH A STRONG FEELING TO CHECK MY E-MAIL-WHEN I DID-JOHN HAD JUST E-MAILED ME- AND SAID HE WOULD PLAY MY GOSPEL MUSIC ON HIS GOSPEL RADIO SHOW-THAT's HOW THE LORD WORK'S IN WAY'S THAT WE DON'T EXPECT-I HOPE JOHN AND ALL OF HIS LISTENER'S GET A GOOD BLESSING EACH TIME THEY LISTEN TO ME -AND THAT THEY THINK OF ME AS A BROTHER IN CHRIST- MORE THAN THEY DO AS A RECORDING ARTIST AND SONG WRITER MY NEXT EXTRA THANK'S GOES TO- WJCR 90.1 FM IN UPTON KY.-THEY ARE THE FIRST RADIO STATION TO EVER PLAY MY GOSPEL MUSIC-THEY ARE THE LARGEST GOSPEL RADIO STATION IN KY. AND I GUESS THE LARGEST GOSPEL IN THE U.S PLUS THEY -REACH 151 OTHER COUNTRIE'S BY SHORT WAVE -WHEN I FIRST RECORDED I DID NOT EVEN KNOW-WHAT I WOULD DO WITH MY Recording's FOR SURE -THIS GOES TO SHOW THAT GOD HAS A PLAN-FOR EVERYTHING THAT WE DO- IF WE WILL ONLY DO OUR PART-I THANK THE LORD FOR GOSPEL RADIO STATION'S WHO STAND UP FOR THE RIGHT IN THIS BIG WORLD OF WRONG. MY NEW GOSPEL RELEASE'S Are Just me and my guitar-also I am Playing a few Piano Instrumental's On my new release's Just hit the lo-fi-green play all song's-that work's best unless you have a way of playing hi-fi-which most people don't have-each time you hit the play button it stop's and start's all over so just give it time and relax-it will do the rest--The sound is better on hi-fi-but it cut's in and out if your not set up for hi-fi. About my age I was Born in 1962, and was raised as a farm boy in East View Ky. I was saved in a little Country Church as a child- and I was Baptized in a little Creek-My mom and dad Bruford and Betty Duvall,raised me up in the old time Gospel Way--I've went down the wrong road a many of time's-but when I got ready to do right again -I could alway's go back to how I was raised-and I thank God for a mom and dad who raised me right- and I thank God more than anything for saving me. I often think of that little Church and that little Muddy Creek where I -First started my journey toward's Heaven-and where it's gonna take me one of these day's-and there's no way to explain that feeling- I do all of my recording studio live and -with no retouch or voice gimmick's-so what you hear is just a natural-and-real sound-I don't really-go for a machine perfected recording -because how do you know what anyone really sound's like-if they do it that away-If you ever hear me with my Gutair and singing in person I will sound the same as my recording's. Folk's from all over the World buy my Gospel Music and I would like to thank everyone for their support and for their E-mail's and for helping me keep this old time Country and Mountain style of Gospel Music a live. I have never made any attempt's in my Gospel Music to go with Major Label Record's and do thing's in the big time way-so far I don't have a desire for that -so I am thinking I will just keep releasing as and independtent-as long as I can and as long as I can keep up with thing's in a proper way-I feel like that I got my taste of the Major Label Way of doing thing's -when I was In my -20's and did a country music CD the major label's are good and know what they are doing but this way seem's best for me as of now-I only did country for a few month's and then had a strong feeling about Gospel Music -so I dropped out of Country Music and had all of my Country removed from the net work-I do have My first Country CD hear on CD baby -just for those of you who wanted to know more about me-I have nothing against Country Music -It was country music star's that got and gave me a start-they have alway's been good to me-I am just following my true feeling's and being the real me -that's the best way that I can explain myself. A little note about E-mail's-If I don't get back with you it may be that-- your E-mail address was incorrect--because over half the E-mail's I get don't have the complete E-mail address--So please If you don't hear from me -check your E-mail address and resend-I do E-mail you back if-If I have proper E-mail address-Remember every little thing need's to be correct--Thank You Danny Duvall I MET A COUNTRY ARTIST THE LAST TIME I WAS AT THE STUDIO IN NASHVILLE TN.WHERE I RECORD AT-His name is-DARL ENGA --HE HAS A GREAT TRADITIONAL COUNTRY CD HERE WITH CDBABY --SO CHECK HIM OUT BEFORE YOU LEAVE--HE'S A GOOD GUY- I WOULD LIKE TO TELL EVERYONE WHO WRITE'S REVIEW'S --THAT IT DOES MEAN ALOT TO ME--AND I DO THINK ABOUT ALL OF YOU OFTEN. THANK YOU AND MANY BLESSING'S FROM DANNY DUVALL.

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Artist: Danny Duvall
Title: Gospel Mountain Music
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 11/16/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637263251
UPC: 643157330523
Item #: SRD733052
This product is a special order