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The Witches Recall

The Witches Recall


~ Darvra's Wave

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

The album 'The Witches Recall' by Darvra's Wave was released in 2013 and though prominently celtic folk music it dips in and out of other genres such as rock, jazz, classical and pop giving the band an intriguing edge. With a band name that derives from the mythological Irish fairytale 'The Children Of Lir,' their celtic sound is both modern, rhythmic and electric as well as acoustic, soulful and ambient and one unusual element which adds to their modern diversity is the use of the soprano saxophone as it provides a unique dimension to their sound. The musicians include Peter Heffron (lead vocals and guitars), Josie Simmons (tin whistle, soprano sax, clarinet and recorder), Antonia Pagulatos (fiddle), Kevin Glasgow (bass) and Joshua Law (drums) plus guests Justin McConville (backing vocals and electric guitar), James Gavin (fiddle and bodhran), Sean Parsons (banjo), Matthew Nevin (Box) and Paul Murray and Benjamin Hayes (vocals in The Witches Recall). Extracts from the reviews below : The Irish World - 'London based Darvra's Wave certainly have a fresh sound for the local folk scene as it combines the saxo- phone with the more traditional instruments to great effect.' Celtic Folk Punk Radio - 'To put it in a nutshell, Darvra's Wave have put together the best elements of bands such as 4 Men and a Dog, Capercaillie, Goats Don't Shave and The Waterboys. The final result is a true gem. The tracks that stand out: "Joy to You" (amazing Celtic pop with a Beatles twist), "Think Twice" (a song with O'Carolan flavour and lyrics about the Troubles in Belfast), "Anthony" (sounds from the other side of the pond), "The Witches Recall" (based on the "Johnny Jump Up" tune) and "Back of Beyond" (great intro with the wolf, the waves and the bell on this instrumental number ). However, above all, you should check out the kick-ass set of tunes: "Don't Kit the Kat" (LĂșnasa goes Celtic rock) and "Sack of Spuds" (a track to file together with pub sessions albums like "Music at Matt Molloy's")' Thank Folk For That - 'fit for die-hard fans and modern music-fans alike. Despite being steeped in history's charm, Darvra's Wave are a band that promote the love of music and the joy that can be brought forward through it, rather than tailor to a certain contemporary market. With each member being successful in their own right, the album is full of wonderful complements, spins of mythology and an innovative progressive feel to a traditional sound. Forget what you know of celtic music, because it's about to be brought around again with a whole new feel.' FolkWords - 'Yet again the true eclecticism that is folk music shines through - and I'm talking about the debut album 'The Witches Recall' from Darvra's Wave. With their innovative approach the promise is there.'

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Artist: Darvra's Wave
Title: The Witches Recall
Genre: Folk
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 11/4/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638216546
UPC: 887158595691
Item #: 982115X
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