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Hard to Control

Hard to Control


~ David Blair

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Product Notes

Vancouver, Canada's David Blair achieves surprising plateaus of entertainment value and artistic success with his stimulating and distinct acoustic pop creations. Emotive, engaging, fascinating, touching, healing, deep, you name it. Blair reaches right into the pulsing heart of man to find the fuel for his songs, writing tunes that are shining and engaging and heartfelt and also have something important to say to everyone, with each listener finding his own unique message in the music. David Blair is real talent personified. According to Blair, music makes him feel "genuine, heartfelt, honest, warm, cozy, inspired." It's no wonder. With the quite evident intelligence behind this music, Blair's sharp mind is apt to search the depths of music and come away with inspiration and beauty. And these are the very same things he infuses in his own music, leaving happy listeners behind him who have searched the depths of Blair's own music and found it a refreshing and rewarding experience. Irresistible textures, compelling melodies and smart lyrics are the hallmarks of Blair's music, making him a talent to be reckoned with, one not to be ignored. And there's no way the musical world could even think of neglecting Blair. He is exactly what the realm of songwriting is waiting for. David Blair may not write heavy music, but it is profound. He believes in facing every emotion of mankind head-on and he uses all these emotions for the energy and heart of his songs. Blair is a dynamo songwriter who explores both the happy and the sad while leaving the viewer content and satisfied. There aren't words enough to name the different degrees of life and love and emotion spanned by Blair's songs. "I embrace all feelings and moods ... and try my best to capture them through music." It means a lot for a monumental talent like Blair to put his "best", his all, into songs, because that means an awe-inspiring amount of ability goes into the creation of a David Blair song. It shows in the final product. Even the tiniest thing means something to somebody and so Blair reaches out to all things everywhere as sources of inspiration for his potent songs. The mundane and the huge all show signs of influence in Blair's work. "Movies, life experiences and my moods really help me create songs." From a bit of entertainment material to the very fabric of his life, Blair finds things to write about, to consider. Life provides a stellar amount of inspiration upon which Blair's able mind feeds so that he can provide the listener with music real and true. Blair has won three honorable mentions in the Billboard World Songwriting Contest. He took the honor award for the Great American Song Contest. David Blair has two top twenty finishes to his credit in the Unisong Songwriting Competition, as well as grabbing an honorable mention in the same contest. He took home the top music artist award for the 2006 Temecula International Film and Music Festival, as well. "David Blair's music reveals real, honest songwriting that affects one profoundly without resorting to smarm or falseness." - A&R Select 'I find David's songs compelling. They are full of strong intelligent lyrics creating wonderful images and heartfelt moods,all driven by catchy musical hooks with simple but very good arrangements. I am a believer that no one delivers a song quite like the writer and David is singing proof of that.' - DALE RUSSELL (songwriter, producer, former lead guitar for The Guess Who and Co-Founder of the School Alliance of Student Songwriters) "David's songs are incredibly heart felt and moving. Music you can connect with." - Project 'The music of David Blair is a well-crafted blend of strength and sensitivity. There is a stripped-down sincerity in David's voice and lyrics which is compelling. Enhancing this beautiful simplicity, David's dynamic song arrangements dress his music with brilliance. Beyond all of his songwriting skills, David's sweet lead vocals and harmonies warm their way into your soul.' - ARTEMIS CHARTIER Founder of the School Alliance of Student Songwriters.

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Artist: David Blair
Title: Hard to Control
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/31/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637265780
UPC: 821228835928
Item #: SRD883592
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