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Art of Can Belto

Art of Can Belto


~ Davina Pons

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Critical Acclaim She teases rarified pleasure from the air itself, seemingly with a power no woman could possess and a range no man could encompass. ... with sounds sent into the stratosphere and a mesmerizing legato so deftly executed that notes linger in the mind long after they have evaporated from the air, Pons approaches legendary artistry with a firmly controlled technique and a sensitive emotional interpretation of nearly everything she essays. - Mark Panos, QVegas/March 2005 ...astounding talent ...She can Handel the most demanding arias of Puccini and Verdi, and her soprano voice pierces notes most tenors only dream of.... capable of trilling crescendos that would blow you away. Davina has a divine voice...and manages to hit every note, and a few dozen others closer to Lucia Di Lammermoor - Gordon Carruthers, Musical Theatre Original Cast Recordings ...her dynamic range is beyond anyone else I've heard in this category. The top register is huge and expansive, and most impressive. The accuracy and flexibility in the Handel and Mozart are as delightful as the amazingly long, haunting phrases of Summertime and Addio del passato. ...this recording captures the essence of the amazing abilities of this six and a half foot tall soprano...Amazon review As Mabel in Pirates of Penzance: 'This role was sung, in the proper soprano tessitura, by the pseudonymous 'Davina Pons,' ...towering above her pirate suitor and producing some truly remarkable, frequently steady high notes and dazzling bits of coloratura. This performance erased memories of Linda Ronstadt in the movie version and put other cast members in a sort of shadow for reasons that were not entirely musical.' - Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post A 'Fantasy From 'Carmen' ' featured fine solo singing from ... 'dragmatic soprano' Davina Pons (whose skyward falsetto was in surprisingly good tune). - Ronald Broun, The Washington Post 'I have never enjoyed a tape so much ...extraordinary talent ...we are completely gaga over Davina Pons' - Columbia Artists Management Inc. '...breathtaking voice - a voice as sweet and luxurious as it is powerful and resonant.' - Metro Weekly, Washington, DC 'Pons's voice is really pretty amazing to listen to, a perfectly decent soprano that can hit impressively high notes right on the money.' - The Baltimore Alternative '...a voice that can soar above high C' - The Washington Blade '... able to hit extraordinary high notes...Pons, decked out in a flowing red dress, performed 'Glitter and Be Gay.'...Here it was high camp and well performed, much to the delight of the audience which offered up some of it's wildest applause.' - Talkin' Broadway! Spring 1999 Born into poverty on the cultural wastelands of Iowa, Davina Pons, Dragmatic Soprano, developed her strong clear voice while singing The Judy Garland Songbook to the livestock. Refusing to be ruined by conventional vocal instruction, Miss Pons has continued the rare phenomenon of the 'great' untrained voice. As a young diva, Davina was mesmerized by the recordings of the magnificent Beverly Sills and copied her effortless high notes, coloratura and hair color. Davina modeled her diction after the standard set by the superb Dame Joan Sutherland. Reminiscent of Maria Callas, Davina is equally at home in the dramatic and coloratura repertories and can rivet an audience's attention with her larger-than-life (she's almost 7 feet tall in heels) presence. Davina's phenomenal vocal range surpassed that of the legendary Yma Sumac. Incan-Virgin-Princess Sumac could sing 46 notes while the Not-So-Virgin Pons could sing 48. On the threshold of stardom, the beautiful young Pons married an old, short, fat, ugly but extremely wealthy Saudi Sheik enabling her to sing only when she felt like it. However, a bitter twist of fate was in store for her when 25 years later and in the midst of a debilitating and devastating menopause, Davina was tossed to the curb like rubbish and replaced by a younger woman. Having squandered a promising career for the man she loved, Davina moved back to the United States where she lives at Villa Hon in Hampden, a poor working-class neighborhood in Baltimore. During the resulting period of loneliness and depression, Davina's once-svelte figure ballooned into obesity. But, with the encouragement and example of her friends Liz and Liza, Davina is winning her battle with booze and pills. She is currently out of rehab and has once again regained her slender silhouette. Davina now makes a modest living as a cleaning lady, knits potholders to sell at craft fairs, and is pleased to be working as a professional singer making $25 a week in a church choir. Always the optimist, Davina refuses to dwell on what could have been and is happy to quietly live out her life surrounded by her 13 cats - all of which are named after famous opera characters.

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Artist: Davina Pons
Title: Art of Can Belto
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 7/19/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637266916
UPC: 825346320922
Item #: 149827X