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Rebel Without Applause

Rebel Without Applause


~ Dead Eye

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Product Notes

Dead Eye - rebel without applause is the debut album from emcee Dead Eye and up and coming producer TONY LOVE, a collaboration that rose from the ashes of the of the 8 piece live hip hop band the MIND ADVANCEMENT TEAM who shared stages with the likes of ANTI POP CONSORTIUM, DRUNKEN IMMORTALS, and many more. The two paired up during love's three year stint with the DRUNKEN IMMORTALS,where they often toured together, until love's separation from the band in 2003. It was then they decided to put thought into action and start working out the bugs of recording and production on account of it being their fist experience with traditional hip hop,as their previous experience had been with live instrumentation, this led to a period of testing the waters and discovering a unique style of production,as well as pushing the boundaries of what the music can be. REBEL WITHOUT APPLAUSE is the result of pushing those boundaries and three years of sporadic recording, on account of consuming day jobs. The albums title REBEL,like rebellion[To resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention.] WITHOUT APPLAUSE is a metaphor for acting under more modest pre tenses and doing what you love regardless of weather or not your being noticed by the masses, a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by appearance,material,and trend. From the beginning of the album Dead Eye sets up a sense of a personal relationship with the listener by speaking in a deep comfortable tone ( sade said your love is king/ well welcome to my new CD/ fund the whole project on a budget of shoestrings/in a ring of fire like johnny cash eye like a mood ring/i came to tell yawl a few things).Dead Eye defies conventional braggadocio with modesty in a style and prose all his own, often fluctuating tone,style and voice with changes in the beat like a roller coaster ride. Dead Eye touches on multiple topics in almost every track like 'How the west was one,' which plays like assorted mantras ( be the cliche/seize the day/squeeze your life out of the words you say / don't be hypnotized but eye the pendulum / sit Indian style and inflate the lung/become one with the drums and repeat the words /i'm gonna give more hugs, i'm gonna give more hugs/ bug out show these kids how the west was one/not the battle but the love of a unified tongue ) or (spin around and fall down/be a kid again get lost in the crowd/ get open but let yourself be found/stay grounded but feel free to move around/ feel alive but don't live to die/ live to live until you die alive ) and comes full circle right back to the album title with (from the first gail to the eye of the rage/you don't need a weatherman to derail the train) a play on Bob Dylan's lyric 'you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows' adapted by the 60's activist group the weathermen. Intellectual,positive,emotional, and playful at times with tracks like 'Bookworm hole through a time of fiction' where the chorus resounds with a bit of self deprecation with words like ( ill be a writer when i'm dead / i'm a poet now and then/ some say i'm a painter/ but it's just that my eye is dead/ i rock well not really/ and can't paint for shit/ i spit words at will and still make canvas rip.) It turns out Dead Eye is an artist in the truest sense of the word when i discovered he's a tattooist and owns his own tattoo shop,as well as being a talented painter. The album finishes with the track 'river in our veins' where he composes a sort of tribute to his grandfather and his grandfathers love of fly fishing, and how that passion seems to transcend death and manifest down a line of a symbiotic relationships between nature,love,friendship and the human experience. Honest, emotional, offering's from an emcee that breaths in life and exhales fresh air over fresher music. So from the ashes of past projects arise almost ironic like the place they call home, the Phoenix emerges stronger. One door closes and another opens, such is life. Dead Eye a rebel with applause.

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Artist: Dead Eye
Title: Rebel Without Applause
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 7/11/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637268184
UPC: 837101192019
Item #: SRD119201
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