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Peace Love & Crabs

Peace Love & Crabs


~ Deanna Dove

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Product Notes

Deanna Dove, the Island Girl, is a musician on her own terms and knows that life is short and you're dead a long time, so go ahead and live it with passion. Having built her foundation from the ground up and being a part time musician all of her life; Deanna decided it was time for some adventure and daring moves in her life. After writing her first album, Chesapeake, in May 2003, Deanna found that her story about the Chesapeake Bay was very captivating to her local audience, as well as other water loving fun people in many other localities. That first album solidified Deanna as a songwriter and there began the first leg of her new found journey. But her career as a musician was firmly anchored in her hometown and building her a dedicated following - why did she want to roam? Deanna got an itch to travel and in November of 2006, formulated a musical tour from North Carolina to Florida. After that month of touring, Deanna was then bitten by the travel bug, so she returned home and packed her bags for Nashville to find the perfect partner and producer. In January 2007, she met Zig, and began a great friendship as well as an intense 7 1/2 week long recording project. Deanna and Zig went right to work recording Deanna's childhood roots into the gospel CD, entitled 'Rock of My Roots' and seven of Deanna's favorite Christmas songs. After the completion of these two projects, Deanna wanted to record her fans favorite cover tunes, but Zig would not hear of this. He persuaded Deanna to write and record ten new original songs which became yet another new CD to add to her own label, Island Girl Records, entitled 'Peace, Love & Crabs.' Peace, Love & Crabs was released on September 8, 2007; Rock of My Roots was released on October 11, 2007; and look for the eleven song Christmas CD to be released by November 2007. Deanna has plans for another tour in January 2008. On her journey, Deanna plans to tour from Florida to Padre Island, Texas.

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Artist: Deanna Dove
Title: Peace Love & Crabs
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/16/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637268505
UPC: 837101385732
Item #: SRD138573
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