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Journey Into Deep Relaxation

Journey Into Deep Relaxation


~ Doreen Blumenfeld, CHT

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Product Notes

Doreen Blumenfeld is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Northern California Wellness Counselor. Doreen has assisted individuals on journeys towards health for almost twenty years. Journey into Deep Relaxation is especially helpful to individuals seeking deep and restorative sleep. This recording was created to provide a safe and healing sanctuary for individuals desiring relaxation and well-being in their lives. Doreen is a founding partner of HeartHill which provides sessions for stress management and wellness issues to individuals...either in person or over the telephone. She also developed the Clear Presence process...90-day telephone based programs for individuals dealing with chronic health or weight issues. Her work is inspired by living in the natural beauty of a redwood forest in northern California. We would love for you to become a fan of HeartHill on facebook! Editorial Review: Very highly recommended! Outstanding recordings by Doreen Blumenfeld! Using the most enlightening and creative guided imagery techniques to support health, tranquility, personal growth and well-being, Doreen Blumenfeld's recordings provide the most blissful and peaceful 'time-out' from one's daily schedule. Her gentle voice leads down a pathway toward restorative relaxation, calmness and renewed energy. Following her voice and the creative imagery she suggests, the soul sails into a quiet harbor, and, in moments, as if by some inner magic, all stress and anxieties vanish. The Rosenquist Collectionb highly recommends the unique recordings of Doreen Blumenfeld, whose works have also been listed as 'best seller' meditation recordings nationwide since 2005. Arthur Rosenquist, the Rosenquist Collection Recent comments about 'Journey into Deep Relaxation': Excellent CD for insominacs! I have had problems sleeping my entire life. I have a very stressful job and am a pretty high strung individual. One of my problems is that I can never stop thinking--there's always stuff whirling around in my head, and that's part of my insomnia problems. I've seen doctors and have prescription medication to help, but how nice it is to get to sleep without drugs! I listen to this CD and am almost always out within a couple of minutes. (It's 45 minutes long, and to this day, I still haven't heard the entire CD!) I still wake up a lot in the middle of the night, and then start thinking about anything and everything...Getting up and watching TV for 1/2 hour to distract me from the 'chatter' in my head usually worked - but now, instead, I simply turn on the CD that's next to my bed, put on my headphones (the small kind that you just fit into your ears), so as not to disturb my husband--and without exception, I'm back asleep within 10-15 minutes. It's truly a God-send for people like me who just can't stop thinking. It's the first meditation-type CD I've ever bought, and would highly recommend it. It's also great to listen to when you get home from work and need to unwind and put the day's busy stress behind you. - Lexx (Cleveland, OH) 'Journey into Deep Relaxation is just that, a journey into the deep silence within ourselves from which all creative and healing possibilities spring. As a person healing from fibromyalgia, I have found this daily journey to be a wonderful path to the regenerative forces within my bodymindspirit. Thank you, Doreen, for this important contribution to the well-being of your fellow travelers!' - JF, School Counselor, Ukiah, CA 'This CD provides an easy to use variety of methods to help you reach a state of profound relaxation. Doreen's soothing voice will truly take you on a journey to inner space. With her skillful guidance you'll step out of ordinary time and into a zone where all is possible. She'll help you to imagine your way to a healthier, happier state of mind through a series of exercises that are journeys within the journey. Background music by Spencer Brewer enhances the atmosphere of calm and expansiveness. I'm certainly going to recommend this CD to any of my clients who would benefit from stress reducton. It's a wonderful gift to give to oneself, too.' - D. Holly Petrie, RN, BSN, AZ.

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Artist: Doreen Blumenfeld, CHT
Title: Journey Into Deep Relaxation
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 5/13/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637228597
UPC: 783707523729
Item #: 134427X
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