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~ Doug Brouder

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'i grew up in Connecticut on the hard side of a soft town, on the river, among tobacco and corn fields, and orchards. Learned to play a guitar in college late at night when everyone else was trying to sleep and i couldn't (play OR sleep, that is). wrote what i knew, now i write what i wonder. Or what i thought i knew. Or what i want to know. 'the band? the incredible occasionals. A bit of fun at my expense. It's mostly me in person, but with lots of help on the CD. Occasionally these things come together, like brigadoon or shoeless joe when you build it and he just shows up in the cornfield. OK, here's who played on the record. Drew McKnight - guitars, acoustic and electric. Cool riffs, brilliant help and strong coffee. Granger Helvey and Kirby Yarbrough - the backbone and heartbeat; bass and drums, percussion and foundation, yin and yang. Ralph Gordon did some beautiful cello work. Lori Kelley adds country harmonies; Dana Connor adds soulful harmonies and grits. Sam Morgan on mandolin, organ and lap steel. Danny Knicely added some upright bass, Alexander Mitchell contributed some kickin' fiddle on a few tracks. And I do acoustic, a little electric and some harmonica. 'so, influences. Where does it come from? where does anything come from? chuck berry and the drifters. Patsy cline and hank. The beatles and the byrds and the three kings - albert, freddie and bb. ^#^ian and sylvia and old judy collins, joni and ani and karla bonoff. Everyone who has ever picked up a flattop or plugged in a plank. Or stomped on the floor. The wind, the rain, the seasons in those places that still have them. Shakespeare's folk songs and bob dylan's sonnets and woody and bruce, of course. Woodsmoke and cut grass. A perfect tomato. Wordsworth. Fresh sweet corn. The language of the king james version. Swimming at cotton hollow on the first warm enough day and cutting broadleaf tobacco til my hands bled. Single 'a' ball. Thomas edison and thomas jefferson and thomas' English muffins. Splitting wood as the first snow falls. Those are my influences. 'everybody wants to know what it sounds like. I've been told a lot of things. Some of the old folk dudes from the early 60s. ^#^gordon lightfoot. Or newer ones - david wilcox f'rinstance. Someone who just heard the CD said dylan, mark knopfler and tom petty. I don't buy it but i'll take any one of them. A strange amalgamation of folk, rock, countryish alt americana like gram parsons meets the beatles, maybe. And a rocker or two thrown in just to tick the folk purists off. Three minute songs is what i grew up with, it's hard for me to write anything longer with a such a short attention span. There's a bit of everything on this record. And yes, i still call them records. 'give it a try. I think you'll like it.' -Doug Brouder.

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Artist: Doug Brouder
Title: Grounded
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 6/13/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637235796
UPC: 783707335605
Item #: SRD733560
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