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The Post Tumour Humour Album

The Post Tumour Humour Album


~ Dr Errol H Tout

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

This is instrumental guitar music that gets to the parts that others cannot. 1. Slice me up baby! - 3.14 I was really looking forward to having my 2.2kg unwelcome passenger disembark. What did I do to deserve that? Once I got up the courage to look at my wound after 4 days I could see it was a lovely piece of work. The surgeon even went to special trouble to keep my ribs so I could get a guitar back on my chest. Well thank you very much to the surgery team. Don't you love people that are REALLY good at what they do? 2. Will you please stop sticking sharp things into me - 3.30 The texture of the opening phrases describes the sighting of another bunch of needles on another tray. The piano parts are the calming voice and actions of the lovely nurses. Nervous nurses make nervous patients and vice versa. George Kailis - Greek jazz guitar 3. Dreaming late at night - oh the drugs - 3.24 Or was it early in the morning? Well the drugs can do weird things to a person. Stay away from that 'Special K' stuff is my advice. I was asking myself at 5.30am why are all the machines making this odd noise and why was I in the East Perth Football Club? Why couldn't I have nice dreams? The pulsating bass is my drug fuelled heart going crazy. The long sounds are the chemicals beginning to work. The booms and crashes lead into a troubled, confused and somewhat uncomfortable sleep full of troubling images. 4. ICU nurses are lovely - ICU isn't - 3.58 With all the machines going 'bing' day and night I asked the nurse how I was supposed to sleep, to which she replied 'This is ICU. If you want a holiday go somewhere else!'. The piece starts with so many wires all plugged into me doing so many things, and trolleys going past. The solo in the middle is a metaphor of the nurse that makes you feel better. I should also point out that this is the only time in my life a woman has encouraged me to fart. Dr David Sofield - harmonica and some rather deft scalpel work Graham Greene - solo rock guitar 5. Late at night on the ward - 3.52 I am reliably informed that a few days after surgery it is common to get a bit 'teary' when you realize what has actually just happened. To say 'it really gives you a scare' in no way fully describes the experience. The music displays a feeling, and then the kind voice of compassion steps in [if you're as lucky as I am]. The Tour De France was being broadcast late at night at the time. I dunno if it helped or made me worse. 6. That REALLY Hurt! - 2.42 The most painful part of the whole procedure was that the nurses get you up and moving straight away. It hurts the first time - but they do it so nicely. Dr David Sofield - harmonica 7. Will you look at the size of that bastard!? - 2.32 It is difficult to describe the experience of seeing a photo of what came out of your body. I was growing that? How can that possibly be? Why? I felt shock at the thought that my own body would try to kill me. 8. Well - it's food so I'll eat it - 3.24 Hospital food; well it gives you something to do; eat to keep busy. Someone has gone to the trouble of making it so the least you can do is eat it. Keep busy. Keep busy. The music is about being busy. The salads can be okay though. Keep busy to stop the boredom and not focus on the discomfort. Keep busy. The marimba is the trolley lady - she was so cool. Graham Greene - glamorous rock guitar 9. Where there is love there is hope - 3.17 I am amazed at the manner in which the human body can repair itself after extreme trauma. The piece shows a section of really nasty stuff happening, [the sax solo] the body responds in an amazingly way of healing [the voice]. Then something else happens and the body responds to that as well. How this actually works is still a mystery in many instances. Jamie Oehlers - saxophone Fiona McAndrew - voice 10. I look SO bad in plaque - 3.20 A friend said 'It's nice to see you' I replied 'It's nice to BE seen rather than be a plaque on the ground somewhere. I look SO bad in plaque!' Yes - being alive is a pretty desirable state. Jimmie James Eaton - voice 11. The first walk [again] - 5.00 This is another situation where I thought I couldn't possibly do something but a 'firm-willed' nurse had different ideas. With a lot of support I started, I progressed a little, and then I started again. I got better each time.. The solo describes the feeling after Professor Snape gets a bit nosey. Before I knew it I was leaping about with all the agility of a 110 year old. Graham Greene - vigorous rock guitar 12. The things nurses have to do - 2.34 Nurses are lovely and they have to do some really unpleasant things, yet [in my experience] they remain dignified, hard working and totally professional. Some even maintained their composure at my puerile, schoolboy sense of humour. I had most of the nasty things done to me that nurses can do....well maybe not... Graham Greene - hot guitar 13. Visitors - yippee! - 2.41 Unless you have been in hospital, you'll never understand the joy of having visitors. This is about the conversations that often happen as ideas leap to and fro, it's delightful and so lovely to have them. You also really know who your friends are, and often you are in for a surprise or two. It's kinda sad to see them go, but you are so exhausted you don't last long. 14. Keep Breathing - 5.17 The noise in hospitals is mostly unavoidable, and mostly tiresome. The space between when the noise abates is a joy. Actually, I think it's the same outside hospital. Keep breathing between the gaps. I was actually trying to do something else when this dropped on to my guitar. 15 A walk in the sunshine - 3.15 It's really lovely to leave the hospital in the sunshine with someone wonderful. John Bannister - trumpet 16 Beware The blob - 3.00 Without wishing to be too crude, it describes the joy of finally'unloading' after a few days of not being able to after surgery. It is very joyful. 17 Working at being well - 5.06 This is actually a full time job that the body demands be done fully. When the going gets tough the tough go kite flying [well I did]! 18 Coda - 6.18 A coda is that which happens at the end. This means I thought I was out of the woods. 'Not so grasshopper' - there was more fun to be had on my liver this time. It sounds sinister 'cos the experience is. Jamie Oehlers - saxophone 19 Never Give Up - 2.56 I was informed there was nothing that could be done. Oh yeh? Bugger that! Time for a second opinion - which saved my life. Never give up - there is always a way. Other Tumour Humour Personnel Leon Bird photos James Hewgill mastering Recorded and mixed by Mark McAndrew and Errol at Errol's modest studio.

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Artist: Dr Errol H Tout
Title: The Post Tumour Humour Album
Genre: International
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 11/6/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638188587
UPC: 888174319803
Item #: 890596X
This product is a special order