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~ File Underwater

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1996 - Chicago Don Bodin and Garret Hammond began recording demos and formed File Underwater. 1997 The File Underwater demos are transformed into the band's self-titled release. 1998 Leisel (guitar) and Patrick Moore (bass) join the band. 1999 The group gains regional acceptance when thier single 'Re-Stimuli' (from the sophmore release 'slowmotionsickness') is added to over 38 college radio stations. The group tours the Midwest regularly with drummer Anthem. 2000 winter Patrick leaves the group as Don and Leisel complete 3rd album, 'Fluid' with Garret Hammond playing drums for the recording sessions. 2000 spring 'Fluid' reaches the #27 spot of amazon 'Emerging Artists Sales Charts'. 2000 fall At the height of the groups popularity, and only one week after headlining a full house at Chicago's Hard Rock Cafe the group disbands. Members: Sandy Mirzabegian (aka Leisel) - Guitar Garret Hammond - Drums Anthem - Drums Patrick Moore - Bass Don Bodin - Vocals, Guitar, Press '. . . a diverse collection of songs ranging from dance beats, to aggressive alt-pop, to acoustic guitars over walls of Japanese percussion.' Midwest Beat Magazine 'File Underwater is another example of why you can't judge an album based on the band's bio. True, many of these songs have that angsty modern rock sound that could get them on the radio, but others are much more intricate and involved.' Delusions of Adequacy Album Review 'Prepare to be transported. Dipping their brush in drum-n-bass, industrial, trip-hop and world music. File Underwater gives words and melody equal weight to beats.' Jim Santos, Demo Universe - America Online 'It's all pretentious and mostly annoying. But if you can get passed that, it's almost borders on being good. Almost.' - PopMatters Review 'The result is the rarest of things: an industrial album that feels like a live album and an electronic band that begs to be seen on stage. Fun.' 'File Underwater are the best band in the world that makes neo-industrial music. If you like bands like Skinny Puppy, Godless, NIN, and Prick, then File Underwater is your cup of tea.' Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter - Review '. . . producing a radio-friendly mix of tempos and styles. 'Sinking' has the energy of a rocking Led Zeppelin song while 'Silent' has a chorus that is very close to some of the stuff on Korn's Issues CD.' Impact Press - Review '. . .Slow Motion Sickness getting plenty of attention with the press, Fluid is a great follow up LP . . ' - Uneartherd - Review.

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Artist: File Underwater
Title: Fluid
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 6/10/2003
Label: Baby Factory
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 7008
UPC: 617311700828
Item #: EPH170082