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Radio Silence

Radio Silence


~ Final Remains

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Product Notes

This entire project was a small thing that became something much bigger. Two brothers in the music game finally decided to work and put a small project together. It ended up becoming more epic than either of them could have imagined. Epileptic MC offered to produce some tracks for Skope MC so that they could both create a small EP together. One of those tracks ended up singlehandedly becoming the inception of this entire project, which was so much more than was initially planned. The music came together and was intricately tuned. The titles were provided, and then the lyrics were crafted with the story developing according to it's own rules. This became the group: Final Remains. The album was titled: Radio Silence. Skope MC sourced the guests for the tracks 'Death Watch' and 'Ever Rising' and was able to utilise their talents in the best way for the project as it was developing. Epileptic MC, Unique Technique, Ade D and Tam McShittyLips gave 'Death Watch' that little extra fire that it needed. Judith Shorten and Sarah Havard as 'The Gaga Ladies' made 'Ever Rising' a much deeper song. Skope MC got the Project Mixed and Mastered by Vince Brady at Midi Music Company. All of the photos were taken in the apocalyptic landscape of Dungeness, UK by both Skope MC and Epileptic MC. The Artwork was all formatted by Trevor Smith who did a sterling job. Skope MC is an artist who has released two solo albums and has been working hard at music and performing regularly for the last four years. He had been making music and writing lyrics for a further five years beyond that, so has been deeply involved in music for quite some time. Upon the release of his last solo project: 'D.R.E.A.M.' on the 21st December 2012, he hosted an extremely successful Release Party which also had all of his favourite acts out on the scene performing as well. The people that have heard and seen the effort that has gone into that project have been amazed. He remains driven and focused, and pursues a singular vision that is quite unlike anything else. Slightly psychedelic, and with an interest in the apocalyptic, but also deeply personal on occasion, what Skope MC brings to the table is definitely something different. He brings twisting flows, varied rhyme schemes and intricate lyrics that take time to sink in. When he produces for his own projects, he brings different perspectives on traditional sounds and a sense of organic feeling that sometimes seems to be lacking in modern electronic music nowadays. He uses a lot of natural instruments and ties them together in a way that sounds natural. He never rests on his laurels and is always learning more as he uses all of his efforts to draw projects into fruition. Skope MC is currently working on his first Remix Album, and his third Solo Album. Both are due for Release in the not too distant future. Epileptic MC has been an MC, producer, writer and performer for over a decade, and has his origins in the Drum & Bass scene. He is an MC who has always had exceptional flow and rhythm, deft lyrics and finely tuned musical knowledge. Between 2007 and 2010 he ran a Monthly Drum & Bass night called UltraSounds in Shoreditch with one of his oldest friends. He performed each month alongside well known Drum & Bass DJ's and MC's. The nights were always busy and packed full with sweaty ravers from across London. In 2004 just before he first met Skope MC, he began to develop a love for Hip Hop Music, and started writing and producing Hip Hop. He still maintains a deep love for Drum & Bass, which can be heard, in his music production today. In 2012 he digitally released his first EP 'All or Nothing' which he wrote and produced. It showcased the many facets of his styles and was well received. Epileptic MC is a prolific writer and producer, and has an enormous amount of material that remains stored. He views life philosophically and this is reflected within his music. He approaches writing and production with a depth not seen by many, yet he can still move with a looseness if needed, and go hard and destroy a track or a Drum & Bass set. His music remains unlike anything else. Sharp electronic sounds contrast with the melancholy instruments and patterns that he uses. He is charismatic and has a level of skill that is difficult to match. Epileptic MC is currently working on his first solo album provisionally called: 'Where It All Began' due for Release soon. The combined might of Skope MC and Epileptic MC form together to create 'Final Remains'. This is their first project together under that name. This is 'Radio Silence'. Enjoy...

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Artist: Final Remains
Title: Radio Silence
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 2/22/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638216576
UPC: 888174429991
Item #: 1281692X