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Pieces for Love

Pieces for Love


~ Frankie Van Creef

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Pieces for Love: Lyrics 'What's Holding up Love?' What's holding up love, and what's propping up all the shows? Life is more I think that we may ever know. On this side of our blues, we can look for more clues to what's holding up love. After all, where does it all go? What's holding up love? Like the birds outside as the fly by, love always changes scene. Free in the wind, wind blow wind through the tree. Still I ask why - bird so small in the sky. Well, what's holding up love, and what's propping up all the shows? Oh life is more that I think, that we may ever know. Oh this side of our blue sky, we can look for more clues to what's holding up love. What's holding up love? 'Glimmer of Love' Pushing it all in front of me, pulling everything from behind - Keeping track of my train of mind - And all the while - looking for that glimmer of love, to help guide me through, to help glide me through, looking for that shimmer of love. So many powers on the loose, Makes me shiver all over, like laying down in cold green clover. And all the while - looking for the glimmer of love. Coming from inside of me, coming from inside of you. Pushing it all in front of me, pulling everything from behind - And all the while - looking for that glimmer of love, to help guide me through, to help glide me through - Looking for that shimmer of love. 'Coattails of Forever' I'm just a little too lonely, a little too set in my ways. Little too lonely - don't find my way. Riding on the coattails of forever, when forever is just a day. You know I, you know why- Still we all break down inside, and cry, and cry, and cry and cry. Love - love - love, Love - love - is the circle eternal, not just a rhyme in somebody's journal. Find myself, riding on the coattails of forever - Hard to find my way, hardly know what to say. Wonder how the angels sing. I'm just a little too lonely - Little too set in my ways. Riding on the coattails of forever, when forever is just a day. 'We Can Love' Oh - oh -oh yeah. I can love, with or without you. It all doesn't matter to me. Sure hearts - beat as one, in the night, just for love - just for fun. I can love, with or without you. Oh, it doesn't matter to me. Here on cloud 9, everyone can see, Darling, that your heart - beats free. It could still happen you know, where all the king's horse, and all the queen's men, can't put us ever - back together again. We can love, with or without each other. We can love, with or without each other. Shored hearts beat as one, in the night - just for love, just for love, just for love. Heart beat as one in the night, just for love, just for fun. You can love, with or without me. It could still happen you know, where all the king's horses and all the queen's men, can't put us ever, ever back together again. We - we can love, with or without each other. Sure hearts beat as one, in the night just, just for love, just, just for love, just, just for love, just, just for love - just for fun - just for fu-u-u-n. I- I can love, with or without you. It all doesn't matter to me. You can believe what you will see. It all doesn't matter, to me, to me-e-e-e.. 'It Thrills my Heart' It thrills my heart - see you out and about. Even at night, you spread beams of light when you walk by. I see the twinkle fo starlight in your eyes. You are the homemade warm apple pie of my eye. My senses are thrilled just feeling you near. Thrills my heart - I know I can climb - right through the clouds, with your love inside. Whatever I can be, throughout all eternity, it's because of what I took from you, when you offered it to me - love as far as I could see. It thrills my heart - see you out and about. And you are the homemade warm apple pie of my eye. 'Am I that Hard to See?' Shouldn't somebody be loving me? Am I that hard to see? 'Sadie's Song' ( Sadie Belle ) She said, I know, when that day's dawning, Just like I know when, yesterday is gone now. Just like it does for everything and for every one. She said, on that day, heaven's going to be packed to the rafters, just to welcome, and watch you as you make your way. Call it heaven, - call it grace, call it love - it's more than a place. And she said, have you ever heard flowers sing - peace of love and sweet smelling things? Like the love you remember that hung in her eyes, she said, I know when that day dawns - heaven's going to be packed to the rafters, just to welcome and watch you make your way - make your way. (acoustic take) Blue day, not in this world, it will come and get you and take you away. She said - I know when that day dawns, just like it does for every thing and every one - On that day, heaven's gong to be packed to the rafters, just to welcome and watch you make your way, way, way. 'I'll See You in the Morning' I'll see you in the morning, I won't say goodnight. I'll see you in the morning, I hope you sleep alright. I hope you sleep good tonight. You got me wishing, it was already coming on dawn. - Se we can spend another day, just like we did today, going around and about, stopping, starting things as we play. So I'll see you in the morning. May peace be in your dreams. We're only here for the love we live. We were only here today for the love we gave. No, I won't say goodnight. I'll have to say, I'll see you in the morning. I'm so glad you were here with me today, and I'm so glad you were here with me tonight. I'll see you in the pale morning light. I'll see you in the morning. 'Waves of Reality' Catching some waves of reality. Life in general has always seemd a little strange to me. Just like heaven has it's boundaries, I know I can find them, when I put my arms around you. Every hour, every day, there's a joy in being where I am. Looking out at the universe, I am awestruck by the view. When all I'm doing is just, sitting across from you. Catching some waves of reality, life in general has always seemed a little strange to me. I can be in the cool deep shade of the olde apple tree, or have the sun pouring down on me in some cracking cold day. Doesn't change the story, that's full of golden light and glory. Love fell quietly in my hands. And life in general has always seemed a little strange to me, as I catch some waves of reality. (ghost organ - cascading notes) Every hour, every day, there's a joy in being where I am. Looking out at the universe, I'm awestruck by the view, and all I'm doing is just sitting across from you. 'Rumor Brewers' Rumor brewers huddle over their stew. See what they can boil and bubble, to make a rumor dish out'a you. They got a plot, they got a plan - itching for a chance to run you down, again, and again. But you know they're not worth their own sand. I know what you can do. You can be love's champion. You don't even have to make a stand. Love, will always be true - will never turn on you. You got to rise, rise above the crude, and let love rush right on in, on you. Rumor brewers huddle and plot and plan - itching for the chance to take you down again and again. But I know what you can do. You can be love's champion. And if they make fun of you, they're making light of something they don't understand. And only too late will they reach the end, and say, oh my! This wasn't in my plan. 'I Live' I live on the side of the hill, where the sun shines all day. And I live on the side of the forest where the shade is cool all day. And I live, not far from heaven where the souls come out and play. And I love listening to their music, while the sound waves of love carry me away. I did not know - love - could be so strongly familiar til it swept me away. No - I didn't know - love - could be so strongly familiar. And I live not far from heaven where the souls come out and play. And I love listening to their music, while the sound waves of love carry me - carry me away. 'Golden Opportunity' I've got a golden opportunity, tell you now I feel. I've got a golden opportunity, finally get real. I got a sweet spot in time - spirit of my mind. Hear your voice ringing, loud and clear. In my mind's eye, you are so near. It's not just a fantasy. It's what you mean to me - what you mean to me. Seems like some people got no where to go, and all day to get there. But that's not me or you. Got to get down into - spirit of my soul. Hear your voice ringing, loud and clear. In my mind's ear, you are so near. I've got a golden opportunity. I began making my music on a 1939 Supro Electric Hawaiian Lap Steel guitar, with a really small tube amp, with a 6 inch fuzzy tone speaker, that came with the guitar, when I was about 6 or 7 years old, in the late 50's. It was my father's guitar. He had bought if off of a down and out studio musician, by the name of Harris, who had been working at a country music radio station in Cincinati, or Nashville, (not sure) back in the 1940s. Musicians moved around a lot back then, as they do today. That amp was already loaded with it's own fuzz tone that could not be turned off. I purposely have tried to make this album free of distortion. No matter how much I wanted to hear clean notes, it was impossible with that instrument and amp. I guess, in a way, I was one of the first people to use a fuzz distortion on guitar, though the choice was not mine. It was either use it or don't play guitar. To date, I rarely use a fuzz distortion when playing guitar. No one showed me how to play guitar. My father never learned how to play it, and no one around me played slide guitar. I got tired of playing it in my lap. I liked to look around and not have to sit there staring down at the guitar while I scruffed out a sound. I started to play it like people play a sitar. The short guitar body was in my lap with the neck pointing up nearly straight up. I still play lap steel guitars like that. It just feels natural holding the short guitar body that way. I wouldn't say I'm a classic sounding lap steel guitar player, by any means. When I was 16 I got a cheap Silvertone archtop, spruce and maple acoustic guitar. When playing slide, I set the action up very high, used heavy strings, and a heavy pick. A photo of one of the original white fender heavy picks I used is inside the CD case. I am left handed, but I could not get used to reversing the strings and the chords that are written for right handed people. I made a decision to play right handed. For about two months, I would go up the neck for a run or a chord change, when I was suppose to go in the opposite direction. Later that same year, I bought a set of already very old orange sparkle Kent drums. I still set drums up. Left handed. I loved to listen to Jimi Hendrix Experience on my old record player, and whammed out beats in the mid 60s, like I was the second drummer behind Mitch Mitchell in that fusion drumming style. I also liked Ringo Starr's drumming, but I could not get those syncopations correctly. The best I could do were repetitive drumming runs with variations, on songs like in 'The End' where he did a grand drum solo and with John, George, and Paul taking turns doing guitar solos on the last song of their collective song creations as the Beatles, with the exception of 'Real Love' and 'Free as a Bird'. I know one time, I did about a 60 minute drums only version of that song, and it felt great snapping off that backbeat that Ringo used on that song. No guitars, just me and my drums in a sound booth room. On occasion, I like to play Scottish Tattoo drumming rhythms. They have a soothing fusion beat sequence that to me is like coming home, musically. It's difficult to say if I'm a guitar player who drums, or if I'm a drummer who plays guitar. I am always keeping time either with me singing little dittys for measuring the beats, or with my fingers, or tapping on something, quietly. I really liked playing Eddie Floyd's single, 'Bring it on Home To Me', and would play it over an over again, while I sat in as if I was his session drummer. I confess I don't know who his drummer was on that song. These drums were really loud. People could hear me nearly a quarter of a mile away, I have been told. I would play some jams with people in Country bluegrass bands, or popular cover bands to play in local events. I never played professionally as a teenager in the 60s. Most of the time they made me play with brushes the Kent drum kit was so loud with sticks. I did a few gigs in the late 80's when I lived on the Outer Banks of N.C. I had a bunch of speakers in series, and a 100 watt P.A. amp and a sixty watt guitar/keyboard amp, with my electrified Hofner archtop guitar. I could not hear myself playing very well, even with my amps cranked up max volume. And this was only 3 or 4 hundred people. I can not imagine Shea Stadium and the level of noise the Lads from Liverpool witnessed once upon a time. My parents were always supportive of me. When I began traveling when I was 19, they bought me a very nice Hofner archtop acoustic. I believe it was a 1963 model. It's on the cover of the Album. I played this guitar nearly exclusively for over 30 years with no electric pickup. I loved playing slide guitar. One of my favorite ways to spend time alone, was to walk around in the dark in my house, cabin, abandoned store, barracks, camp, or any number of out of the way abodes I called home back then, with music, (nearly any kind of music) classical, country, rock, easy listening, jazz; what have you, on a record player or the radio (with whatever came in clearest), and play my archtop in standard tuning or in sharp alternate tuning that I made up, and play slide guitar or strumming. I found that I played better slide guitar when I warmed up with playing chords, at random, and would go up and down the fretboard, not playing any particular song. I really liked some of the easier George Harrison's chords I had seen in an old Beatles songbook I had bought in the sixties. His 7th and sharp minor chords and augments chords can be played with just a few fingers without having to barre chord them everytime. I have some arthritis in my hands, and they get stiff, from nearly being killed in a car wreck when I was 4 years old. A drunk driver ran into the back of our 1951 Pontiac Chieftain. I couldn't walk for a while either. Drunk driving hurts people so bad. I know that; the hard, life long way. I finally slowed my traveling in 1999, and have slowed down long enough to put together an album. I think made some interesting instrument choices. It is of interest that people through the years have been supportive of my efforts. I have met and talked with musicians and people in the music industry along my way. Some famous, some not so famous. Some had quit the music industry. Some had taken off, and went back. Some had just retired after a full career of music. I am constantly amazed, & grateful at the genuinely nice people I meet and have met in the music world. Here are two of them. I met Buddy Gretsch in a pawn shoppe some years ago. He had been the guitarist for Faron Young in Nashville about the same time Hank Williams was still around. Buddy steered me to a reissue Gretsch acoustic guitar. I bought it in exchange for an Archtop experimental Ovation guitar that had oversized frets that tore my callouses off my fingers. He had to quit Nashville and go to Civil Service. The gigs were too far apart, to make a living he said. He was tall and lanky, like Hank Williams. Had pretty bad arthritis in his hands, but he showed me some of his guitar licks. They sounded a lot like Hank Williams. Another amazing person I met, that always called me son was Maria Gigel, (not sure of the spelling, I am not good with names). I was living in a 19th Century two story white wooden school house off the coast of North Carolina. Her shop of international wares was on the first floor, and I rented the entire top floor. We would talk whenever she was in town. Some of the time she spent in Portugal, some in Florida, some on the island off NC coast. She said she was one of the founding members of the Newport Jazz Festival. In her office in the school, she had autographed photos of everyone from Frank Sinatra, to Nat King Cole and other music greats of that time, and the movie stars of the era of the fifties. At one time, she told me she had been the organist at St. Patrick's Cathredral in NYC. She was a very spiritual person. I always felt we talked to each other on two planes of communication. I miss her. She was in her eighties when I lived beside her on that island in 1980. I have been asked, what does your music sound like? I think it's music coming up from the 60s up until today. They just didn't get aired until now. As I stated earlier,I did attempt to make the strings of my instruments clear in their arrangements. I have noticed U2 does the same thing. The main theme for Pieces for Love, is hope for love. These songs are pieces of music, for the sake of love. Some are simple arrangements that are Demo style. Some more complex. I had some things I wanted to say. Love is as eternal as the universe. It has the wealth of a galaxy made of gold and light and warmth of the ages. It is as full as this stuff of life & when all is said and done, love still shines on it's own. Chance and circumstance, luck, and a passionate desire to know love and hard work to secure it to keep it safe, all play a part for love, and my songs are just twelve pieces of music for love. I am glad I have had the chance to get them to you. They are meant to be played with volume. One of my favorite albums, is Harry Nilssons', 'That's the Way It Is' I don't think you can find it anymore. I think it defies being put into a genre. I think mine does also. I suspect Harry's unique approach to album making has had an impact on my choices of musical arrangements, which this album is witness to.... As an artist, I am reluctant to let people look inside of who I am where my inspiration and mystique comes from. It is just my nature. I will let go of some things. When I was just a very young child, my earliest recollections in the early and mid 1950s was of my parent's old AM radio, turned to a Wheeling West Virgina country music station. I can hear the music in my long term memory, of the announcer saying, coming to you live from Wheeling West Virginia, the Saturday Night Jamboree. The radio waves from such a great distance, all the way to the coast of Carolina, made the sound very ethereal with it dimming and growing louder with a fuzzy old-timey wavy noise in the background and in the music itself. That's the way I spent my Saturday nights, waiting to go sleep, even before I could talk. One sort of unexplainable thing that happened was, before I could talk English or any language at all, my parents would drive from town, back out into the country where we lived, and there was an ice cream store that stayed open late. There were no seatbelt laws back then (nor were there any seatbelts) and I used to stand up, beside my mother with my arm around her, and when we would drive by the ice cream store, I would stretch my little left arm out and say, Penda Penda, which was my name for ice cream, which I dearly loved. It is also the name of my Record Label. Penda is also the Swahili word for Love. It is also a favorite Hindu treat of milk sugar and butter that is centuries old. Also, one of my earliest introductions into contemporary music, was through a friend I met in a church that I started going to when I was about 12 or so. My friend was a through and through Bob Dylan fan. He lived on this narrow back road, with his parents. He was three years older than me. He would invite me to come see him. His bedroom was terribly small, only 5 feet wide, by about 12 feet long. In it were three things, a bed, a record player, and an acoustic guitar. He knew by heart, every Bob Dylan song, that Dylan would come out with, album by album. He'd say, listen to this. I'd listen, and be intriqued, but I honestly couldn't concentrate on the lyrics. He would take out his guitar and show me the chords to the songs we were listening to on the record. We both were searching for a place in the sun at an early age. I had a lot of baggage at an early age. I still found it interesting that my friend found Dylan so full of new meanings to what the possibilites of thinking and music were then. He then did something that I wasn't aware of until years later. The church we both went to, was a holy roller church. It was hell fire and brimstone, coming at you, and repent and bow to the will of condemnation or salvation, (their way) was the message every service. My friend used to sit by me and fold a sheet of paper up so there were four folds. He would write something on it, and pass it to me, and I would write a response, on the next fold, and hand it back to him. We would write pages like this, back and forth while the pastors did their thing. It was only years later that I found out that he was writing down Bob Dylan lyrics, but not telling me they were his lyrics, and I was thinking he was just writing very curiously new ideas and bits of stories and poems, to which I would write responses to him, and indirectly and unknowingly to Bob. I don't know the reason my friend did that, or the reason he didn't tell me what he was doing. I know I am a late bloomer in getting my music out. I told someone, it seems like the wind gets knocked out of my creative sails. I have had heartache, and spent nearly a decade in the woods all over America, as a forest fire fighter with over 150 wild fires in North Carolina, Colorado, Wyoming, northern and southern California, and Washington State up on the very beautiful (except for the 2,000 acres on fire) Hoh mountain on the Olympic pennisula. I was also a forestry technician whose job it was just to walk through the forest looking for diseased trees, most of the time by myself. I feel at home in the wild of the woods. I am a deeply spiritual being, that happens to be a human being. I know that sounds very other worldly, but what and who are any of us, once we have parted ways with our bodies and all that was us on this earth in this brief, gift of what we call life. I heard George Harrison say that when he went back through his past lives, that he at one time was a pirate. I honestly do not know of any past lives that I have been through. I just feel a kinship with some fellow beings, and I will leave it at that. I would rather keep some things to myself. In my first song I say, 'Oh life is more I think that we may ever know, on this side of our blues; we can look for more clues, for what's holding up love.' I know Bob Dylan made reference in his movie, No Direction Home, or it may have been in an interview, that when he went to New York, it was there that he made a deal with a 'power' bigger than him, and his energy became more focused, and things began to happen. I have also heard that a story of Robert Johnson, supposedly made a deal with the devil, down at the Crossroad, because no one could have gone from an OK guitarist to such a dynamic guitarist in such a short time. I have also been told that a rumor has persisted for a while that I have ties to the dark side. I was intriqued when I heard that. I don't agree with that, & have never entertained the idea. I am reminded of a story by Aldous Huxley, called The Magical and the Spiritual. In it, he says that: Certain accidents of heredity permit of easy access to the psychic world;... He goes on to say that Mystics, also, on their way towards Reality and Eternity, frequently find themselves in the region of psychic happenings. To these the masters of the spiritual life always give the same advice: pay no attention to these phenomena, however pleasant, interesting or extraordinary, but press forward in the direction of that which lies beyond phenomena. I am not troubled by unexplainable phenomena, or by what people think of phenomena. I am pressing forward. I am not really concerned with being called a mystic or not being called a mystic, although some circumstances in my past would indicate that I was in the vicinity when phenomena occurred. I believe my spirit is not a whim or just a collection of psychic & nonpsychic events. I am pressing on, and this album is one way to explore this passage. I have other things hidden inside but I would prefer to keep them where they are for now. Love nestled in compassion is a staple of eternity, beyond psychic happenings. There is true happiness and a pervasive sadness in this world of laughter and tears. I am pressing on through it all. I hope the Pieces for Love album can help at some point in some way as time goes on.

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    Title: Pieces for Love
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