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Funhouse : Silver Lining

Funhouse : Silver Lining


~ Funhouse

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Product Notes

'Why are Funhouse not signed to a label?!?! They are one of the best bands I have heard in over 3 years!' - Music Director, Aaron Childs - WSCR-Michigan Funhouse comes out with a powerful venerability on this their sophomore effort. They display a knack for using a variety of musical styles to arrange an entertaining presentation. That is what music should be about,entertaining the listener.If one is looking for poetic lyrics it can be found on this album. If one is searching for melodic pieces, they can also be found. Variety is the spice of life, may be an old cliche, but it still works well when presenting an entertaining album. Funhouse knows how to showcase their talents so that they will appeal to many, not a cult band, but designed for the masses.This album has the artistic qualities that make up few of the works on the market. The variety of musical styles encompassed in the tracks, would be enough reason to search out this album for any listener. The originality and sometimes familiar quality to the songs might be another reason to search out the album. Certainly the best reason to search out the album is to be entertained by some very talented musicians in a timeless styling and add an album to the collection that can be played for listeners of all ages. Downeast Reviews - Larry Smith Silver Lining reviewed track by track by Downeast Reviews Reviewer - Larry Smith - grading system Excellent- ! ! ! ! ! Good- ! ! ! ! Average- ! ! ! Poor- ! ! Yuck- ! Track 1- Turn Your Light On This tune has a (Wallflower's) Dylan-esque quality with a similarity in the rhythmic groove and vocal essence. The intricately laced nuances, lead guitar riffs and vocal harmonies, lend a full rich sound to the overall production. The rhythm section keeps the forceful tempo on a vibrant level. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 2- Jaded Faded This tune features an alternative blend of styles, a rock solid beat finely rooted with some playful lyrics. The lead guitar break is certainly one of the high points as the smoking riffs take on a Blues-Rock element. The lead guitar riffs in other parts of the melody have a reverb-filled surf guitar essence. This tune is a fine mélange of mutliple styles blended to perfection with an original flair. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 3- Dig Down Deep The acoustic rhythm guitar and bass are strongly anchored in the intro of this tune. The drummer puts down an impressive percussion track for this number. A very tight arrangement of lead and accentuating vocal parts add an extreme depth to the melody. The lead guitar break is hot, but should have been extended instead of fading into the background so rapidly. ( ! ! ! ! ) Track 4- Said I Will This unplugged jam is certainly one of the top tracks from the album. The unique percussion used, via bongo's and tambourine, adds a charm that works well with the attractive melodic quality of the piece. This piece has a Folk-Rock quality that makes it extremely attractive to the listener that focuses on melody and lyricism. An ace performance that brings variety to the album, while displaying the amazing versatility of themusicians that make up Funhouse. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 5- Follow The Sun The vocal harmony is a focal point that keeps the listener magnetized to the trance inducing melody. The drum skills of Brent Foley are used to electrify the beat while the guitars feed the background nuances. This tune is strongly rooted in the Rock genre that defines it's danceable groove. ( ! ! ! ! ) Track 6- Long Black Limousine A strong magnetism to this tune certainly comes from the unique drumming that has an incredible intensity. The drumming accentuated by a playful bass guitar phrasing, accepts the vocal track with only a slight well thought plan. The level of energy leaps right off the rhythmic meter, to the 'get off your seat and move your feet' level. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 7- Counting On You The tempo is slowed down a notch as Funhouse turns to a more acoustic based sound. This style works extremely well for the band, because the harmony vocals from Clay Phillips and Virginia Pappas can really be appreciated in an acoustic mode. The highly melodic nature of the acoustic songs also carry a charismatic and mass appeal factor. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 8- I'll Write You The intro of this tune has a Country flavor adding more variety to an album that certainly has a stranglehold on the element. This tune has echoes of the Wallflowers, REM, The Cars and Tom Petty, all expertly blended into a comfortable originality with a familiarity that leads to the overall charm. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 9- Ride your Sky This tune opens up with some expertly crafted acoustic guitar riffs. The song builds in depth and breadth in a similar style, which is the signature sound for Pink Floyd. The powerful bass and key organ nuances with minor percussion accents make up the character that leads to the similarities to the Pink Floyd sound. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 10- Sargent Lethargic Funhouse on this tune moves into a much more rooted Hard Rock sound. The forceful presence of the strong bass guitar, the crunch rhythm guitar, the melodic and harmonic lead guitar phrases make this an exhilirating presentation. The level of emotion filled vocal expression is yet another dimension that will thrill the listener as one grooves to this ultimate audio adventure in Rock & Roll. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 11- Eyes Waiting This tune is more than aptly described as a 'Dark-Pop' style piece. The haunting phrases employed by the bass and lead guitar serve to allow the vocals to explode with a Black Sabbath depth in darkness. This tune, again, adds more spice and variety to this entertaining album. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) Track 12- Change Your Life This tune defies all attempts to be pigeon-holed into a single genre. With elements of Ska, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and virtually a multitude of other genres being incorporated, it would be easier to describe which genres are not included in the mix. With a disregard for genre, the tune has a danceable beat and a charismatic melody that screams originality. ( ! ! ! ! ! ...) Track 13- It's Our Time Funhouse never ceases to amaze the listener and the final track is no exception. With a slide guitar presentation being at the root of this highly melodic piece, the vocals compliment with a smooth refreshing elegance. A short but straight shooting number, this tune closes the album with an original Funhouse masterpiece. ( ! ! ! ! ! ) more reviews..... You've got one of my favorite CDs in the store. I'm only Emailing my top 40 favorites (out of 900!) I handpicked you because I *personally* like your CD a lot. I don't know if the whole world will like it, but I do. And I want to call more attention to it. Derek Sivers - CDBaby 'I love your CD! I listen to it in my car and amazed at how many good tracks are on Silver Lining.' Don Vail - DJ,Mix 106.5 'Listener response to Funhouse was just overwhelming.' - Music Director, Bryan Levine, WERG 'Here's a band that has got one aspect of their playing down pat; the song writing. With a wholesale return of this kind of pop musical sensibilities, Funhouse could be the pick of the crop.' - RPM Magazine 'Funhouse display a level of mature musicianship a definite cut above most independent acts.' - Kerry Doole - Words and Music -Socan.

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    Title: Funhouse : Silver Lining
    Genre: Rock
    Release Date: 6/22/1999
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637303833
    UPC: 776127087322
    Item #: CDBY87322
    This product is a special order