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Presentz My Highz & My Lowz

Presentz My Highz & My Lowz


~ Grasshead

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Product Notes

The album 'Grasshead presentz My High'z & My Low'z', can be described as music for the mind. With an intellectual flow and a creative street delivery, Grasshead is able to shine with many of his different styles that he uses to express his feelings through events he's experienced as an artist working hard to change Hip Hop for good. From his love for the pen and pad to his dedication to sharing his feelings on everyday things we take for granted, the music definitely takes you somewhere that no other artist has ever touched upon or dared to try to make sound harmonious. Born in Houston, TX. and raised down south in Miami, FL., Grass shows you how the south should really be represented, taking the listener away from the simple and monotonous sounds of today's commercial rap and leaving them somewhere where the sick lyrics and insane beats captivate audiences that haven't ever heard something so different nor so versatile. 'No more bling - bling or fake rappers tryin' to sing/ The world ain't ready for this revolution I'ma about to bring,' (Grass). A dedication to doing away with much of the 'flossin' rap' heard on the radio and seen on television everyday, can be felt through every one of Grasshead's rhymes. The album consists of catchy flows that will make him a favorite with out a doubt and an untouchable sound that will stick in people's minds forever. Keeping it real comes natural to this artist and when you're doing whatever you're doing there will always be tracks to fit your needs for what you're feeling at that time. Pretty much, just press play and let the album ride, and judge for yourself. If you support real Hip Hop music and respect creativity, you will be able to feel the emotion embedded in this project. Expect fans worldwide to be craving Grasshead tracks after they hear his debut album that's hitting the streets like crazy from the club to the headphones on the boy on the city bus. The revolution has begun!

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    Title: Presentz My Highz & My Lowz
    Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
    Release Date: 2/10/2004
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637313668
    UPC: 829757609928
    Item #: 132793X
    This product is a special order