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Springtime in Cincinnati

Springtime in Cincinnati


~ Gregory Patrick Agnew

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Product Notes

This collection of music is a CD Single which features the song, "Springtime in Cincinnati." This song started off as one of those cadence type songs. A lot of lyrics that appear to be cryptic, but have no meaning at all. I'm not saying this song has no purpose, but you will not find the secrets of life with it. If you are from Cincinnati you will find this song quite amusing. If you no nothing about Cincinnati you are probably going to say, "What has this man been smoking?" I'm going to plead the 5th if you ask. Just joking. Anyway, I really do love my home town and all the memories that come with it. It has been a wonderful place to grow up and older with my family and friends. This song focuses on everything from baseball to famous Cincinnati chili, riverboats and urban renewal, a legendary musician called Mr. Spoons (who by chance played the spoons), and also a commemorative met sausage for the 74 and 75 World Series Champions (the Cincinnati Reds) called a "Big Red Smokey." Sound like hoot. Come to the land of the "Flying Pigs," and enjoy this little ditty. "Ravioli Dinner" is a true story about my Italian heritage and all the happenings at the "Sacred Heart Ravioli Dinner." A celebration of family, friends, community, spirituality, and fine food. The secret is in the sauce. The next track "Early Morning Movie Classic" is a lonely song about the fear of love and the forbidden pleasures of romance. All three tracks will also be released in a different orchestration on my upcoming release "Cappuccino Moon." Hopefully I will release that sometime Fall of 2008. "First Waltz of Summer" was previously released on "Shadows in the Harbor," and is the same version released on this collection. "Sticks and Stones," was released originally on "I Just Blow Smoke," and is the same version released here. So if you own either of those two CD's I would suggest just getting the first three in mp3 format and save your money. Those two songs fit the genre of this collection and are included for those only interested in this CD Single. I appreciate your interest in my music and just want to make sure you know what you are buying. I hope you enjoy this collection and the emotions and laughter it is meant to bring.

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    Title: Springtime in Cincinnati
    Genre: Rock
    Release Date: 3/8/2005
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637312950
    UPC: 634479094170
    Item #: SRD909417
    This product is a special order