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I Came to Speak My Soul

I Came to Speak My Soul


~ Gwen Cathey

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Product Notes

One of songwriter Gwen Cathey's most vivid "pinch me 'cause I must be dreaming" moments came as she signed her songwriter's contract with Motown records. "I just could not believe that I was actually going to be a part of an organization that had given the world some of the most memorable songs ever written. My only regret was that I arrived too late to be a part of the heyday era." The Motown connection came about as a result of a "chance" meeting with a former high school classmate now working for Motown as a writer/producer. The classmate was looking for someone to provide lyrics for his music. Rumor had it that Gwen Cathey was a poet "extraordinaire". When approached about the possible collaboration, Gwen's first response was less than enthusiastic. "I was working on becoming the next Maya Angelou and although I was in love with R/B music, thoughts of becoming an R/B songwriter never crossed my mind for a moment......furthermore, I knew that songwriting and poetry writing were two distinct art forms and success in one did not guarantee success in the other". Nevertheless, Gwen was up for the challenge. Once she began to listen to the "wordless" musical tracks, providing the lyrics became the most natural thing in the world. Gwen believed that she had found her calling. "I left my Maya aspirations behind for a moment and was now convinced that my songwriting partner and I would single-handedly bring back the Motown glory years. But despite numerous collaborations on some really great tunes, the success that I dreamed of as an R/B songwriter never quite happened". Enter her real calling. "When I became a Christian, I continued to write R/B songs and pound the pavement with my demos. But somehow my passion for my secular creations subsided in a very gradual way. Eventually, without my even being aware of it, my R/B songs were being replaced by God songs. It was not intentional and it was not planned. It just happened. I was writing more songs than I could keep up with. Songs while washing clothes, songs in the middle of the night, songs everywhere!!! As much as I had loved writing secular music, I have to tell you that it often required a concerted effort to put a different spin on the same old love or "lack of love" story. But once I began to write for the Lord, I found that the creative angles and approaches from which I could write were endless. That is how huge He is. I am in awe of the ministry that He has entrusted to me. I pray I serve Him well'. Gwen's story is a testament to how God methodically prepares us for His intended purpose. He is often working on us while we are working on something else. Serve Him well Gwen.....Serve Him well.

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    Title: I Came to Speak My Soul
    Genre: Gospel
    Release Date: 5/31/2005
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637316952
    UPC: 634479119187
    Item #: SRD911918
    This product is a special order