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Genesis of Grace

Genesis of Grace


~ His Name High

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Starting out as their youth group praise and worship team in the mid 2000's, HisNameHigh has remained committed to praise and worship while expanding into other areas of ministry. Together, manager Brian Smith and his wife Tammy have followed the call of God for over thirty years in the ministry of praise and worship. As a result, it wasn't a complete surprise when their sons, Zach and Tyler, developed a love for praise and worship and felt a call into composing and leading worship. As the two bothers participated in worship teams, even as pre-teens, it wasn't until the formation of their first cohesive band, in 2005, that a vision for the future emerged. Their former youth pastor, Brody Ryke, was not only instrumental in giving them the opportunity to lead worship, but he believed in them as young worship leaders. Taking the music and worship leading very seriously, the group was dedicated to the work required to grow and improve. They participated in the Assemblies of God's Fine Arts Program, both at the state and national level, and would play wherever God opened the door. The lessons of maintaining a humble heart, resisting sin, staying close to Jesus and never neglecting accountability provided a steady anchor in those early years and continues as spiritual staples in their lives. "Playing worship services for thousands can either lead to extreme conceitedness, or extreme humbleness," says Dan Toerek, bass player for HisNameHigh. On the subject of accountability, Dan states, "It is something that no one should walk through life without." As the group matured in age, Brian, assisted by his wife Tammy, took the active role as manager. In November of 2008 we connected with Andrew Ironside, former member of the Hillsong Church Worship Team in Sydney, Australia. For well over thirty years Andrew has written and produced scores of original praise and worship music, as well as authored and taught in-depth seminars for churches around the world. Quickly, a close relationship with Andrew developed due largely to the like passion for worship we all shared. Between 2008 and 2009 the band toured with Andrew three time in the U.S. and for three week in Australia. Matt Pshock, keyboard player for HisNameHigh, recalls the experience as, "A major landmark in my development toward ministry as it taught me to always learn from people who may have more experience or abilities than I do, instead of feeling threatened or intimidated." Upon only the suggestion of a friend, Andrew came alongside a group of young, passionate worship leaders he didn't know and not only believed in them, but gave them an invaluable opportunity to develop and mature in their call to ministry! For this we are forever grateful. The band officially took the name HisNameHigh just prior to the Australia tour. Nathan Ironside, Andrew's brother, traveled to the U.S. for three weeks to produce HisNameHigh's debut album "His Burden Is Light." Nathan then mixed and mastered the project back in Sydney, Australia. Nathan spent a tremendous amount of time with the band on the process of song writing and recording. His incredible passion for Jesus enhanced his depth of technical knowledge, fueling forward HisNameHigh deeper into their call. In 2012, HNH participated in the Journey Church Worship Team's live recording project entitled, "We Are Not Forgotten." Jeff Quimby, former artist rep for Integrity Music and current instructor at University of Mobile, Alabama, produced the project. Immanuel and Stephanie Mullen, creators of The Story Is, a video production company in Cleveland, Ohio, filmed and produced the DVD of the live recording. Zach, Tyler and his wife Tera wrote several songs featured on the album. In March of 2014, HisNameHigh traveled to Nashville to record this next project ('Genesis of Grace') with Jeff Quimby as their producer. Zach Smith, lead vocalist, reflects, "Having so many tremendous opportunities, from touring and recording albums with professional producers, there is one thing that has truly inspired me and that's people. I have learned that it's not about me. I don't claim to have the best voice or the greatest musical talent, but what I know is that I have the power of Jesus in me. I want to see lives changed for His Glory." This same theme was stirring in the rest of HisNameHigh. As a result, the decision to record our next praise and worship album came at a time when the Lord was challenging us to expand our vision beyond our identity as the praise and worship band, HisNameHigh. God was calling us to give away all that He had so generously given us; hence HNH Ministries was born. Now, in addition to the music, we are developing both an evangelistic arm, as well as a teaching arm. We believe these two additions broaden the value of our ministry with greater human impact. The evangelistic arm provides us accountability to deliberately pursue ways of giving away the most important treasure we possess, salvation. Developing the teaching arm is providing us with multiple avenues to train, equip and empower people, especially young people! HNH Ministries is now in relationship with Christian Community School in North Eaton, Ohio. We are teaching an elective course on Worship to high School students, as well as a junior/senior high praise choir of sixty plus. Adding to the excitement, the choir and selected student instrumentalists are featured in a number of songs on their new CD. Other students are involved by assisting in song writing and graphic design for the CD. Included as part of the elective course curriculum on worship, HNH brings students alongside them to minister at local events. They participate in platform ministry, alter ministry, sound engineering, media and at manning the resource table. "We plan on expanding our student base by duplicating what we do at the school into an HNH praise and worship academy. This will allow us to expand our reach and to continue creating new projects for more students to use their gifts and talents in real ministry opportunities. We want young people involved in every aspect of our ministry," states Brian Smith. Serving the next generation, church worship teams and the church as a whole through training, equipping and empowering is a vital part of who we are. "The Bible clearly outlines a pattern of equipping and empowering others," Says Matt Pshock, using the example of how Priscilla and Aquila gave Apollos guidance. They, " . . . Took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately." (Acts 18:26) This exchange brought further credibility and power to Apollos' ministry. It's reflective of what we desire to accomplish as we teach and train others not only regarding the ministry of praise and worship, but also living a lifestyle of worship first! This new CD, 'Genesis of Grace', is incredibly powerful and the songs are birthed from the band spending hours together with God in addition to their long history together. Every track has a little different feel to it and many young people were involved in several aspects of the project. We are positive all listeners will enjoy the entire album and will be inspired to worship Jesus.

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Artist: His Name High
Title: Genesis of Grace
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 6/3/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638290692
UPC: 888295102759
Item #: 1192553X
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