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I Was Totally Destroying It

I Was Totally Destroying It


~ I Was Totally Destroying It

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Featuring ex and current members of AOK, En Garde, Places To Live, Sorry About Dresden, io, Erie Choir, Auxiliary House, Alvarez Painting, and Strunken White. I Was Totally Destroying It, is, among many things, a bit of a science experiment. For starters, the band recorded their debut album, 15 epic-yet-tasteful powerpop songs, after only 4 months of existence and just as many shows. That's not to say the group doesn't have experience- one of those performances was to a cheering packed-house opening up for Cursive and These Arms Are Snakes- another was alongside So-Cal's Ozma and The Actual. But the experiments continue- the band members range in age from 'not legal' to 'mid-life crisis'; in an intentional effort to preserve the raw and pure nature of the songs, the band gave themselves very little time to learn and fine-tune a massive amount of material (one song on the album, 'The Background', was thrown together 2 days before it was recorded)- 'I feel you can get bogged down doing too many re-writes; we've all been in bands where that was necessary and welcome, but I feel we're able to capture something that is low on pretense by just going with the initial idea of the songs and not worrying about how they might be perceived or what could make them 'cooler', and besides, it keeps things exciting', says singer/guitarist, John Booker. 'There's a lot of truth on the record- the writing may not always be perfect, but it's us.' I Was Totally Destroying It was born in the early months of 2007 in Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Booker and drummer James Hepler both come from over a decade of experience in the local scene (Hepler from the Saddle Creek Records act Sorry About Dresden, Booker from bands such as Strunken White, io, and also with Hepler- Erie Choir and En Garde). When Booker's songwriting project, En Garde, dissolved in late 2006, he and Hepler found new friends in keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Rachel Hirsh, bassist Martin Anderson, and guitarist Curtis Armstead. 'We all come from completely different backgrounds and experience levels and are all at different places in our lives, but it works and Rachel, Martin, and Curtis were the secret weapons that James and I needed to re-ignite our desire to play this music', says Booker. 'Everyone brings something vital to the table, and while we may be coming from different angles, we all share a love of North Carolina's musical history, and an affinity for catchy, simple-yet-epic rock and roll. Oh, and all 80's pop.' I Was Totally Destroying It will release their debut self titled full length in October 2007. With regional and bigger tours to follow as things get off the ground, this young band is going to use their spark and youthful energy to their advantage- after all, this is only the beginning...

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Artist: I Was Totally Destroying It
Title: I Was Totally Destroying It
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 9/11/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637332538
UPC: 687474184124
Item #: CDBY418412
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