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~ Jacets

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In a quiet living room during the summer of '03, Jesse Atkinson and Justin Thiede sat creating music - and although they'd both been life long musicians and childhood friends, they'd never sought to create music together. That summer writing music together remained a casual thing and never became a serious endeavor simply because Jesse was due to leave for school in the fall. After spending a year and a half in Rockford, IL, Jesse returned home for Christmas break. It was then that they decided to form a band. An impromptu move that none of the members fully realized what it would turn into. Shortly after Jesse's return home Justin invited friend and bassist Josh Trent to join the mix. Without a name and with only two weeks till their first show from the day they formed the band created five songs; some old ideas and some newly formed during those practices. After much deliberating the band decided on the name the "Jacets" (pronounced: Jeah-sets) simply because it was a name with no associations. New Years Eve '04 was their first show and turned out to be quiet a success. Jesse left for school again and the band was on hiatus until his schooling ended. After returning home in summer of '05 Jesse, Justin and Josh reunited drummer-less to play some acoustic shows that summer with some friends. Realizing that this is something that they all wanted to peruse they actively searched for a drummer. After a short stint with a friend playing drums they were still drummer-less and things looked dim. The band, however, continued to play shows, write songs, and have hope that their band would come together. Shortly after the New Year the Jacets found a drummer whom was willing to commit. Bill Brokenshire answered the call for a drummer and filled the role well. Having played in many bands before he brought with him the experiences of being in a serious band to the group. Summer of '06 the band recorded their first EP (self-titled) with Mat Halliday of Minx Studios in Farmington Hills, MI. The band continued to play many local shows and promote their album through various means (radio campaigns, local radio spot lights, music video, and word-of-mouth). They were invited to play Red Gorilla Festival which takes place on Sixths street in Austin, TX during SXSW festival in March of '08. After going, meeting many amazing people, and having the time of their life the Jacets returned home more determined than ever to make this happen. Upon returning home from Austin the Jacets were faced with a tough decision. After much thought and deliberation amongst the group Bill stepped down from drumming duties in the band. This was done on all good terms and Bill is still a fan and active support of the Jacets. For the fourth time in the Jacets short career they were once again drummer-less. Friend and producer Mat Halliday was asked to step in as the new drummer. Having much experience in music, recording and being in various touring bands that were met with marginal success (Before I Go, Half The Battle) Mat brought both experience and musical maturity to the band. Now with their final and definitive line up, Jesse, Justin, Josh and Mat began working on a new album. In May of 2008 the Jacets recorded and produced the record "Spotlights" featuring four extreme re-workings of previously recording songs (Ethics, Southern Girl, Vienna, and Down) along with four never-before-recorded songs (Holiday, If You Know, Loving You, and The Prom). With a new record and their sights set on the future the Jacets plan on playing, touring, and promoting their new album as much as possible as well as continuing to write new material the next album to come.

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Artist: Jacets
Title: Spotlights
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/1/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637332767
UPC: 707541023993
Item #: SRD102399
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