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I Broke My Arm When I Fell Into Your Grave

I Broke My Arm When I Fell Into Your Grave


~ Jacob Lee

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Product Notes

To try to describe an album like 'I Broke My Arm When I Fell Into Your Grave' would make my brain hurt. It's just one of those albums you'd want to have with you if you were going for a Sunday drive or if you thought you might get trapped with the in-laws for a month. There's something there for every mood. There's this song about cock fighting called 'Hell, They're Only Chickens' that might also apply to those ex in-laws...'Talkin' Anthrax Blues' is just about as funny as the subject of anthrax is going to get...and 'Drowned Out by Dixie' is a song of woe that almost any performer can relate to (a personal favorite of mine)...still it's 'Stay Tonight' that grabs me everytime I hear it. If you can't remember those feelings, you've been in the convent way too long. It's biology in a way that anyone can understand. John Prine couldn't have said it any better. But, I don't want to do the Cliff's Notes version...listen for yourself. The album leaves you feeling like you've just spent time with an old friend. You know, the kind of friend you might disagree with on a certain subkect, but they're just so damned honest that you've got to be glad just to know them. 'I Broke My Arm When I Fell Into Your Grave' doesn't pully any punches....It doesn't throw any either. It's like a tap on the back that says, 'So, what do you think about this?' There's a vulnerability in the stripped down production that let's you know you're hearing the real those so-called 'cult albums' that eventually become mainstays of Americana. In a word, it's good listening...even if you don't have issues...isn't that refreshing these days?

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Artist: Jacob Lee
Title: I Broke My Arm When I Fell Into Your Grave
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 6/25/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637333392
UPC: 783707520827
Item #: CDBY752082
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