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Cricket's Lullaby

Cricket's Lullaby


~ James Bryan

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Product Notes

An old tune played through the years is a treasure just like an old friend. James and I are old friends that always treasure each time we get together and enjoy seeing what happens musically. This new recording captures some things from way back, as well as some very new. We always strive for a relaxed approach, minimal arranging, and embrace the unpredictable. It's a real treat to be playing and recording once again and we hope that you enjoy listening to our latest meanderings. May they take you to a good place as they certainly did that for us. 1. SAM HILL I learned this tune from Jim Cauthen of Birmingham, Alabama. It is one of the tunes composed by Ralph Whited from Oneonta, AL. -JB 2. BLACKIE & EMMA / ROLLING IN THE DUST by Carl Jones Blackie and Emma were brother and sister of the feline persuasion.Initially they were quite aloof but warmed up to me considerably after I made up these tunes inspired by their antics. -CJ (Carl Jones. Chordwood Music. ASCAP 3. DEAR HONEY As sang by Mrs. Dock Eason 1950 (Texas Folk Songs) This beautiful song was sung by Mrs. Dock Eason and included in Texas Folk Songs, a book published in 1950 by collector, William A. Owens of the Texas Folklore Society. My version has strayed a bit as this is no longer a waltz and the melody has wandered with time. -CJ 4. KANSAS WALTZ The Kansas Waltz appears in one of the 19th century publications by Elias Howe. It was originally written in the key of E but it works nicely in the tuning ADAD. -JB 5. CLEVELAND'S MARCH TO THE WHITE HOUSE A fine tune from Emmett Lundy of Galax, Virginia. -JB 6. PATTY ON THE TURNPIKE I learned this tune from a 78 record called Patty on the Turnpike by Fiddlin' Cowan Powers of Russell County, Virginia. -JB 7. BONAPARTE'S RETREAT This unusual 6/8 version of Bonaparte's Retreat comes from the playing of MelvinWine of Copen, West Virginia. It was the first tune he learned from his father, Bob Wine. It is played with a high bass and counter. -JB 8. CRICKET'S LULLABY by Carl Jones This song sprang from an attempt to calm two overly-energetic girls, (my daughter Kelli and James' and Patti's daughter Rachel), and help them embrace slumber. I still vividly recall the crickets in full chorus and the snores that arose just before the song came to a close. -CJ (Carl Jones. Chordwood Music. ASCAP.) 9. DUST IN THE LANE This tune comes from the collection of tunes in Marion Thede's The Fiddle Book. I learned it from mandolin player, Mike Compton. -JB 10. STONEY fORK West Virginia fiddler, Ellis Hall, recorded this in the early 1950s for RCA Victor. -JB 11. OLD fRIENDS' REUNION by Carl Jones While playing the mandolin I am always amazed when a new melody appears almost of it's own accord. This tune has a fitting title because James and I go back a far piece. It is always a treat when James plays one of my tunes. -CJ (Carl Jones. Chordwood Music. ASCAP.) 12. MESSENGER Another tune I learned from Jim Cauthen, who in turn, learned it from southern Alabama fiddler, Henry Lee Hudson. -JB 13. LESSON Words by Minnie Case Hopkins/ Music by Carl Jones This Minnie Case Hopkins poem was on a well-worn page that had been neatly folded and tucked into an old book I bought second-hand. I was enthralled by it and compelled to set it to a melody. I'm sure all parents relate to it's simple heart-rending question and if they still have young ones, hopefully take heed. -CJ (Music/arr. Carl Jones. Chordwood Music. ASCAP.) 14. PIEDMONT Piedmont is a Missouri tune from fiddler, Art Galbraith. It was recorded on an album called Simple Pleasures by Art Galbraith and Gordon McCann [Rounder 0157]. Gordon has been long-time supporter of traditional music in the Springfield area and has shared many recordings with me. -JB 15. DUST AND ASHES (THE PRAYER Of THE OwL) Translated by Rumer Godden From the French of Carmen Bernos de Gasztold /Music by Carl Jones The Prayer of the Owl is a French poem from Prayers From the Ark [1964 Viking Press] by Carmen Bernos De Gasztold. I have always delighted in setting poems to music and this whimsical collection inspired me to do just that. -CJ (Music/arr. Carl Jones. Chordwood Music. ASCAP.) 16. STAR Of THE EAST Our adaptation of a shapenote hymn from the Christian Harmony book. -JB.

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Artist: James Bryan
Title: Cricket's Lullaby
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 12/3/2011
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 04316
UPC: 845121043167
Item #: 166331X
This product is a special order


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