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Instruments & Controls

Instruments & Controls


~ James Jewell

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An unusual mixture of off-the-wall lyrics and diverse musical sounds including: Acoustic& Electric Guitar, Bass, Brushes & Snare set, and occasionally Banjo. James Jewell & Shew delivers a fresh dose of crazy mixed-up new-edge folk/rock & roll while tipping their hat to likes of Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, and the Violent Femmes. They grab from traditional Folk, Country & Western, Blue Grass, and Rock & Roll styles to present some James Jewell tunes that you just can't resist!   James Jewell - Singer/Songwriter plays electric & acoustic Guitar. And moves carefully around on stage '...and the pots and the pans are dancing in the kitchen, their having themselves a feast and we're outside bitchin'.' As a performer he is captivating. His wacky pseudo-philosophical sense of humor connects easily with the audience; 'There are holes in our actions, and that's understood; there are holes in our pain, sometimes we feel good '. David Harborfield - Plays Bass and sings. Dave most recently has played Guitar in the Experimental Circus Rock band, Poor Luther's Bones, and Retro 40's Western-Vaudeville act, The Sunday Fellows. But reverse fifteen Years and you'd find him playing Bass in a Country-Gospel Group, touring the North-East on weekends. Those Country bass lines stuck but never had the chance to resurface until he hooked up with the talents of James Jewell. Andrew Macfarlane - Plays Drums and sings. Shew's newest member. He has a knack for playing those Happening Shuffles that make you feel you're coming 'round the bend on some old steam locomotive. Andrew's experience in various bands lends to giving the band that signature 'Shew' sound. And if you see him at a show, there's no doubt he's having a good time. James Jewell & Shew formed in the fall of '96 when bassist David Harborfield started joining singer/songwriter James Jewell for Berks county open mics. By winter '97 Shew had rounded out their sound adding drums, banjo, dobro, melodica and trombone.With this line-up Shew released their 1st CD, 'Wasted' in February '99. Since then Shew has been stripped down to a trio of guitar, bass and drums.

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Artist: James Jewell
Title: Instruments & Controls
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/20/2001
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637343651
UPC: 783707438221
Item #: CDBY743822
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