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~ James Kornelsen

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

A little bit about me... I am passionate about justice! I love art! ...and Jesus knows me! I have an amazing wife! I enjoy writing/making music! ...and I live in a great country! I am a deep thinker! I am very controversial! ...and I demand nothing short of the truth in every aspect of my life! I am multilingual! I have an accent! ...and I don't believe in Santa Claus! AND NOW A little bit about the album... Metaphor. That's right. That is the title of the album, and for a very good reason. I had been writing music for a while, as in, I had written a pile of songs, until one day I decided it was time to record an album. Going about my daily job, (you see, I am not a full-time 'music-maker-for-a-living-kinda-guy' yet. So I have a job), I was trying to think of a good name for the album. I wanted a single word title. Like a light, it dawned on me, my music is extremely metaphorical! A lot of my music may sound like a bunch of mambo-jumbo, that is until you start reading (or listening, I guess) between the lines. So bingo! The title would be 'Metaphor!' And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I came across the title for this album. The End. It is my first album, and I have really enjoyed making it! I feel it is a great way to tell the world what I feel, and I know that there are thousands of you out there who feel very much the same way! The content on this album ranges from the mess of politics in the country, to the mess of politics inside the church, to the mess of politics in my own life. The album was conceived in pain, bitterness, desperation, and anger ; in a desire to just tell the world my opinion on a lot of these things. I believe it is a cry for justice! I also believe a lot of these emotions will be stirred inside of you as you listen to the album. The credit of the artwork of the album I give to my wife Brenda (Kornelsen, of course). I was paging through her gr. 12 art portfolio one day and ran across this piece of art, and I said to her, 'if I ever record an album, this will be the album art,' to which she just laughed (looking back now, I'm not sure whether she was laughing at me using her art, or at me wanting to record an album... either way...), and I said, I'd cut out the letters from a magazine to spell out 'Metaphor' and personally sign my name on a scrap piece of paper, and voila! So... yeah... that's what we did! As for influences on this album, there is a great range. My gr. 5 teacher stirred up inside of me the passion to play guitar, and taught me the very basics. She always talked about my unique playing style and encouraged me to never give up. My gr. 6-8 teacher really gets most the credits for this album. He was a man who seemed to always be challenging what I believed. The only reason I liked him at the time was because he was a great gym teacher! Today I owe him for giving me such a strong drive to know what I believe, and stand on what I believe; and when things are wrong, to do something about it. Musically, I have been influenced by 22 years of harmony hymn singing in church, with no piano or guitar, straight a Capella. Also, I have been influenced by a lot of old music, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, etc. And have a taste for country, gospel, and folk, all of which are heard on this album. That's about all I got to say, other than, THANK-YOU ever so much for stopping by, and if you purchase an album (which I really hope you will... please... for your own benefit... and mine...) there's another HUGE THANK-YOU! (but this 'huge thank-you' is not for you if you don't purchase an album; in that case, only the first 'thank-you' is for you. We appreciate your honesty. Sincerely!) James.

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Artist: James Kornelsen
Title: Metaphor
Genre: Folk
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 11/12/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638205976
UPC: 888295005876
Item #: 892108X
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