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Take Me to the Park

Take Me to the Park


~ James B Sherrod

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Product Notes

TAKE ME TO THE PARK Summary: I was thinking about how nice it would be to produce an all music CD that would be smooth and mellow to listen to when life is getting hectic. As my wife & I talked about the conception of it and what the music should accomplish, the dream began to become a reality without my even knowing it. God is good like that ! The thought of having an ALL MUSIC CD was really awesome! I wanted this thought to become reality for real. I knew it would happen but I just didn't know how or when. The beginning: The Soundtrack of 'It's Not Over Yet' was somewhat produced without me realizing it. I was so excited ! about the release of my first CD, 'It's Not Over Yet' and how well the vocals sounded that I didn't think too much about the music part of the CD. The music and words were imparted to me by God, and now that dream had come true with the help of Jesus and several good friends, including my wife. I had my first 'Live Musical Testimonial' coming up and needed to be able to sing these songs for it. I remembered I had the 'Performance Tracks' so I got those out and began to practice at home. (After the production of my CD the engineer was told to also make the 'Performance Tracks' for me. I didn't know what that was so I asked Gary (Wyatt, pastor, SureHouse) what was he talking about? He said you take these with you when you do your live musicals so you'll always have your music with you.) Practicing with these tracks was very different since I was used to playing & singing the songs all at once or singing with a live band. I still didn't realize what God had already done for me. Two in one! A double-portion! It is several months later now and we are still discussing this ALL MUSICAL CD that I want to produce. On numerous ocasions my wife or I had put on the 'Performance Tracks' just to listen to while relaxing around the house. Finally - one day - I realized, this IS it ! Lynda we already have it !! TAKE ME TO THE PARK.....

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Artist: James B Sherrod
Title: Take Me to the Park
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2/8/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637337813
UPC: 634479223761
Item #: SRD922376
This product is a special order