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A Beggars Plea

A Beggars Plea


~ Jamey Barron

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Product Notes

You could call it folk, you could call is bluegrass, label it however you might, but no force of genre could ever fulfil the potency and the majesty of this album you have before you. The only genre you could truly dub it, is that of from the heart. To begin, Jamey masterfully combines his instruments: guitar, harmonica, strings, keys, percussion, with his one of a kind voice - so beautiful in it's resonance. One could have never guessed that the first time he had picked up a guitar was at the age of 23. Since then he says: "The beauty of music for me is that it has taught me to express myself freely through the notes on the guitar, to the release of my inner voice, to the words I write to soothe, touch, and free my true self." And you can feel that. Jamey's passion resonates through his music, right into you and your soul. It has all of the right touches in the right places, and as you listen, it truly opens up your heart to take in the world. This album makes you feel in love even if you are not in love, it makes you feel emotional even if you are not in that state- it transports you to another place where you become enwrapped in all of your feelings and they are all laid out in front of you. This album is simple and yet complex in all it's ways, and never have I listened to such a real piece of music. Jamey exists in the rustling leaves on the trees, and the shadows on the wall. His music echoes within a fresh sigh in the morning and a smooth caress at night. He makes moments out of everything, and fundamentally catches human emotion at it's highest and it's lowest. It represents those true stages of life by creating a gentle state of nostalgia: harmoniously happy and saddened at the same time. It expresses both the glories and the pains of life and that's why it is so relatable. Oh, how deeply this music touches the human soul. With Barron's careful crafting and smooth, rustic voice, he has created a deeply emotional and moving album that touches listeners on a deeper level. It is music that creates movement- that essential movement within you, and certainly this album is not forgotten by anyone who choses to listen in. The lyrics are touching and you can embody their meaning, no matter what your own story is. The guitar work is absolutely stellar, and perfect in every way. It compliments every other part of the music and the lyrics, and with it, each song brings something new to contribute. He is confident in where he is going and how he wants to get there with his music; it rubs off. "In essence," Jamey says, " the Beggar's Plea is about unity, peace and understanding. I hope people will feel a wide range of emotion, but in the end I hope that they gain a greater sense of appreciation for life. My favourite songs and movies are the ones that leave you feeling connected." This plea, this album, is about love, the connections we have to one another, the connections we have with ourselves and how we fit into this wide, wide world. A Beggar's Plea leaves you room for breathing. It gives you the time, space and the mean to simply create that essential ease and reflect. You step away a more calm and fulfilled person. Yet really, you were there all the time, it is just that Jamey's music allows you to find it within yourself. Each and every song is a delicacy. The album leaves you feeling whole and yet still wanting more. All you have to do is press re-play and you're there. A Beggar's Plea - Jamey Barron Reviewed by Isabella Byrne.

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Artist: Jamey Barron
Title: A Beggars Plea
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 3/1/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638252832
UPC: 641444138227
Item #: 1104054X
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