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Trink Jamie

Trink Jamie


~ Jamie and the Magic Torch Song

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Product Notes

"Trink Jamie" - The new album from Jamie and the Magic Torch Song "Trink Jamie", the 5th and latest Jamie and The Magic Torch Song album marks an abrupt shift in style and tempo for 31-year-old Brit, Jamie Gray. To start with, the obvious addition of a 4-piece band to Mr. Gray's theatrical 'Chansons and Sea-Shanties' repertoire has given The Magic Torch Song a muscular new sound resulting in a dynamic new album for all fans of British-influenced Indie-pop. Whilst undoubtedly belonging to the currently fashionable spate of retro-styled albums, Jamie and The Magic Torch Song cast their musical net much wider than most of their peers encompassing influences - Bowie, Roxy, The Pretenders, Kate Bush and The Teardrop Explodes, to name a few - without merely aping the attitude of a bygone era. Amateur Night's darkly-crooned vocal is framed by a spooky 50s B-movie organ and spikey surf guitar, whilst Prima Belladonna' New Wave synth serves up a lurching pastiche of The Cure's 1980 classic 'A Forest' for Gray's dry, vocal styling. True Love takes the most jaded of love lyrics and serves it up with the most saccharine of vocal melodies. A magical 3-and-a-half minutes of pure pop perfection is delivered against an intertwining backdrop of guitars and endlessly revolving melodic hooks. Blue Screening' lonely heart in the online-chatroom scenario is featured as a crisp 80s up-tempo ballad before pulling all the stops out for a Purple Rain-era Prince guitar wigout. The Money Shot's Spanish Cantina swankiness is followed by the supremely catchy Alone in which the hypnotic stalker-guitar of The Police's 'Every Breath You Take' frames another of Gray's typically misanthropic lyrics. All this drama inevitably ends in tears and Peru is the album's broken heart of darkness with a hauntingly delivered tale of loss and despair set to a sinister backdrop of feedback and Brechtian overtones. Love in a Cold Climate provides some relief before standout track Lucky Loser raises spirits further with it's Beatles 'Penny Lane' trumpet and soaring bridge melody. Silent Star is a wryly sung rock number in the tradition of Bowie's Ziggy and Lou Reed's Transformer delivered at a pogo-punk speed. Our grand finale is provided by the wonderfully-realised Valentino where a full-on Phil Spector string arrangement provides the gloss to Gray's shamelessly romantic, multi-layered vocal. This album deserves attention and will reward even the most casual listener with it's instantly recognisable melodies and innovative arrangements. Trink Jamie may not become the most successful album of 2006-07 but it can certainly claim to be one of the most engaging and interesting. Enjoy! Lo-fi Highs Ltd. 2006.

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Artist: Jamie and the Magic Torch Song
Title: Trink Jamie
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/16/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637336577
UPC: 634479404948
Item #: SRD940494
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