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~ Janet Emma

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Product Notes

Ghostfields...a hauntingly beautiful, hip and rocking collection of 8 originals, 3 penned by Producer Walt Wilkins and Texas troubador and friend Kevin Welch, and a a rousing and soulful rendition of Gram Parson's barn burner 'Luxury Liner' featuring a not to be missed guitar lead by Marcus! Walt's Texas hearthrob band, The Mystiqueros, laid their hearts and extreme talents down as the 'band' on Ghostfields. Guest performances by Austin Cunningham, Corby Schaub, Ellis Paul, Tina Mitchell Wilkins, Michael Lille, Ron Flynt and are six more reasons you don't want to miss this powerful and cohesive project. A compelling story is told in the twelve songs on this soulful project. We hope you'll come along..... A note from Janet Emma: I don't always know, with great certainly, what is best for me. And I rarely know what's best for anybody else. I've spent the past couple of years washing colors that were untrue from the painting....the work in progress...that is "me". Some of the stains were washed out against my will. I got used to them, was afraid how "dull" I'd be without them...perhaps I feared they defined me. I've been blessed to be loved by artists who have brought new color and taught me how to use it, to blend it, to apply it. The dark splotch that has marred my painting is shrinking. I've got mentors.. artists.. who, even when I didn't want to paint anymore, came and shined light on my painting and pointed out what was good, and encouraged me to keep on. I can hear....see...feel God through them when I am in the dark. By the time you hear these songs, I probably won't be living in them anymore. I will have moved on, because I wrote them down and let them go. I want to be a painting that tells a story when I grow up....a human story... hopefully a story that ends peacefully and leaves this world a little better than I found it. There is a believer in me somewhere. No matter what happens, that believer gets up every day, goes to bed at night and dreams, and wakes up and follows that dream again. I'm lucky like that. I hope you are lucky, too. Thanks for listening. Hug your kids or somebody elses kids. Make Peace. Coexist. Recycle. Slow down. Play outside. Breathe. Give Thanks!

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Artist: Janet Emma
Title: Ghostfields
Genre: Country
Release Date: 6/9/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637335486
UPC: 700261269979
Item #: SRD126997
This product is a special order