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Keep the Killers from Killing & the Thieves from R

Keep the Killers from Killing & the Thieves from R


~ Jeremy and the Jupiters

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Product Notes

I think there 's a real joy that can be overlooked in the process of writing a song. It can look simple on paper: lyrics, framework, and the pulse you chose to give. But for the humans involved in the process at the moment, it's really much bigger than that. Jeremy and the Jupiters (starring stuart as the ring) may be some of the few that never miss the opportunity to realize those moments. From Oshkosh, a town that has always amazed me with the quality of musicians and their drive for original music, yet another band with the thirst. Jeremy and the Jupiters have a sound that can span from Wilco inspired folk to raccous 70's rock, extended guitar solos and all. At any point in the evening you may hear the likes of John Prine, Thin Lizzy, or even Townes Van Zandt thrown in the mix just to see if you're paying attention. Jeremy and the Jupiters consists of four members, Jeremy Helbling, Jeff DeGoey, Stuart Rossiter, and Andrew Johnson. And if you don't believe me about the drive this area's musicians have, here's just a taste of what the members of Jeremy and the Juiters are also involved with at the moment: Ripp Winkler, The Catastrophe, Happy, running Topsoil Studios, Holly and Plastic, Bloodhawk, and Moral Disgust. Like I said, most may be missing it, but music is big in this town. Jeremy and the Jupiters started out in 2006 as a Friday morning get together to just try and write songs and see where they may go. By 2007 the live shows started to pop up at the usual hotspots like Peabody's, Cranky Pat's and the Reptile Palace as well as venues in the Milwaukee and Madison areas. In 2008 the process of recording had started at Topsoil Studios, and after a bit of knob twisting from Justin Perkins 'Keep the killers from killing, and the thieves from robbing it all away' was completed. Eleven songs of some really great rock and roll, grandious guitar solos, and a few beers along the way.

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Artist: Jeremy and the Jupiters
Title: Keep the Killers from Killing & the Thieves from R
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/24/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637343796
UPC: 789577598027
Item #: CDBY759802
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