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Dark Waters

Dark Waters


~ Jerry Boutot

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Recorded by Jerry Boutot at Psychodelectric Media Productions Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Boutot at Psychodelectric Media Productions June thru August 2013 Album Art by Jerry Boutot Album Art Graphics courtesy of Bob Webb Images Lyrics by Randy McQuilkin Music by Jerry Boutot This album has been a long time in the making. In the mid 1980's, my friend Randy McQuilkin and I were hiking in New Milford, CT as we often did. I had known Randy for about 3 years by then. I had no idea he was a poet. On this day, Randy turned to me without warning and said, 'Jerry, did you know I write poetry?'. Now, Randy knew I was a musician and he knew I was always working on my music, mostly just playing the guitar at that time, so I thought he wanted to insert himself into my gig. I had known him for a long time, and there was no prior mention of 'poetry' from him. I responded, 'no, I didn't know that'. Randy immediately started singing, not reciting, but singing, a complete song with melody, hook, chorus... I don't remember which song but it's on this album, I do know that. Then he sang another. And another. I was dumb-struck. I asked him if he wanted to write an album together, he said yes, and the rest is history. We originally recorded this album on 4 track, on a Fostex 160. All of the music just happened in an accidental kind of way, as most of my music does. We made some tapes and it was eventually abandoned due to no way to 'get it out there'. In 2005, when I was just learning how to work Cubase (version 2 or 3 back then LOL) I started reverse engineering this album. All I had was a cassette tape mix, which was really old. I bought a little portable cassette player and played the songs into the computer on an audio track, and then set out to re-create the music from scratch. Over the years, all of the drums, bass, and guitar parts have been replaced with better instruments and for about 3 or 4 years it was forgotten until this year. I resurrected the project files into Cubase 6.5 and got serious about getting this incredible album out there to be heard and appreciated before it could literally die on the vine. This album forced me to get real and install some Auralex Acoustic Foam and section off part of my commercial office to become my studio. Work on the album was finally completed in August of 2013. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do. It's old school rock with a lot of psychedelic influence. Special thanks to Mike Young (where are you?) for his contribution to Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday. Also, Wayne Bishop for the song Dark Waters. My version and his version are nowhere near the same. And Randy McQuilkin, my old friend, thanks for writing these incredible lyrics and making them a part of my life. Thanks also to my wife Suzanne for putting up with my 'hobby'. Jerry Boutot Jerry Boutot Music.

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Artist: Jerry Boutot
Title: Dark Waters
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 10/1/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638177600
UPC: 884501976701
Item #: 871483X
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