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~ Jim Gelcer

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Product Notes

Jim Gelcer is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed musician and composer. His love of music and yoga led him organically into the world of kirtan. His first kirtan album, Bhagavan was declared one of the best releases of the year by the two big kirtan radio shows in the US. Kirtan is an ancient form of call and response singing. The idea behind kirtan is that by repetitive chanting of ancient Sanskrit and other mantras, we open our hearts and reveal our true nature. If you've ever been at a concert where the singer sang a line and then held the mike out to the audience and they sang a line back together, you've experienced a form of kirtan. Jim artfully combines traditional kirtan with modern influences like jazz and world music into a unique blend unlike anything else you've heard. What happens when you combine a deeply devotional soul with a sophisticated pop music sensibility? At a live kirtan with Jim you may hear mashups of mantras with just about anything from Leonard Cohen to Bob Marley, Bill Withers, or even Black Eyed Peas. ~ ~ ~ 'Jim Gelcer's Bhakti Groove Machine infuses new life and spirit into the ancient heartfelt chants that influence todays Kirtan movement.' ~ TERRY MCBRIDE CEO, Nutone Records -- Vancouver, Canada 'Jim Gelcer's Bhakti Groove Machine is sweet, soulful, smooth and sublime. It flows, grooves, and takes the listener on a rich journey into the heart. Bhakti Groove Machine is great music, great production, and most importantly, a great feel soaked in devotion!' ~ DAVID NEWMAN (DURGA DAS) Kirtan Recording Artist -- Philadelphia, USA 'Jim has a voice filled with depth, love, and emotion--the perfect bhakti singer.' ~ DEBI WINSTON BUZIL Yoga Chicago Magazine 'Jim's voice is easy like Sunday morning.' ~ PRAJNA VIEIRA Kirtan Recording Artist -- San Jose, USA 'Jim's music has such a wonderful and rich feel. He transmits a pure bhav in all of these songs. I find myself singing along so easily with his gentle yet emotionally powerful melodies and arrangements. One of the best releases the year!' ~ BLAKE TEDDER Full Lotus Kirtan Show, WCOM FM -- North Carolina, USA 'Great CD. Highly recommended! Om Bhagavan is one of the best songs I've heard this year.' ~ GARY GOLDBERG In The Spirit, WRPI FM -- New York, USA 'I am completely hooked on Jim Gelcer's Bhakti Groove Machine. Jim lays down Sanskrit mantra against a backdrop of popular music references from Al Jarreau to Traffic and beyond. The songwriting is compelling. The musicianship is impeccable. And the grooves have me shaking my ass all over the house daily. This album appeals on so many levels, you don't need to be a kirtan fan to appreciate it.' ~ ZOE KORS Managing Editor, LA Yoga -- Los Angeles, USA 'A truly great voice, saturated with a beautiful bhakti vibe.' ~ SANDRA LEIGH, Artistic Director, Give Peace a Chant -- Vancouver, Canada 'Jim's kirtan style is welcoming, inviting and contagious! He brings you on a journey through the soul, transcending the manifest to the un-manifest through beautiful music, ancient Sanskrit mantra and the occasional surprise English melody. There is no greater inspiration than being led into chanting by someone who embodies the spirit within himself. Jim's encouraging, thoughtful and vibrant energy have inspired me to explore mantra chanting deeper.' ~ DONNA POULIDIS Director, Prana Fitness -- Toronto, Canada 'Beautiful. Moving. Dreamy.' ~ HELEN BABALIS Yoga Teacher -- Hawaii 'I have never seen a group move so quickly into another dimension and vibrate at such a frequency despite the angst of trying something new. I found myself lost in the vibration at times not wanting to move, open my eyes, or even open my mouth for fear of losing the sensation. It didn't matter what I did, it remained. I loved sitting after the chant allowing the experience to wash over me and the vibration to continue. It was really an incredible experience for me and I'm sure for many there!' ~ LINDSAY SALM DUBE Kirtan Workshop Attendee -- Toronto, Canada 'Thank you for the soul-awakening music!' ~ JULIA MAURER Kirtan attendee -- Vienna, Austria.

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Artist: Jim Gelcer
Title: Bhagavan
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 7/1/2010
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638221716
UPC: 829982117267
Item #: 1080095X
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