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I'm All in

I'm All in


~ Jimmy Carpenter

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Product Notes

Jimmy grew up in a small town in Texas at a time when there was a young hard-drinking country music artist named George Jones living on a ranch in the northern outskirts. He was unaware at the time, but George's musical influence would manifest itself many years later in his style and songwriting. Jimmy remembers his first chicken fried steak was eaten at the 'Chuck Wagon' restaurant, owned by George Jones. Jimmy first got recognition for his singing when his mother accompanied him on the piano for friends and relatives. In school and church he became a regular soloist, belting out hymns and love songs in his loud tenor voice. He always gave it all he had, and even if he happened to be on a back pew singing with the rest of the congregation, you could still hear him from the pulpit. His musical talents led him to pursue the trombone which he played throughout school and well into adulthood. This introduced him to all kinds of music from jazz to classical, and he loved everything he played. He spent several years playing lead trombone in a ten-piece Big Band orchestra. But, his true musical roots can be traced back to the hours he spent as a child listening to that AM radio by his bed. He knew the lyrics to every song the DJ played, and some are still etched in his mind. What he was absorbing was early pop and the birth of rock and roll. Ironically, country music was not his first love, although it later found it's resting place in his soul. After a stint in the Navy during the Vietnam War, Jimmy returned home and joined the Beaumont,Texas Police Department. It was during his career as a police officer that he finally realized his true calling. His passion to write songs and entertain the public was moved to the forefront and after many years of gigs and 3 albums later, he believes his best is still yet to come. His favorite gigs are opry houses and dances because everyone is there to have a good time.'Music can evoke every emotion known to man, but it is in it's most powerful glory when it brings about a smile'. I equate music with FUN!' Jimmy says many of his lyrics are surprisingly autobiographical and oftentimes he doesn't realize it until the song is done. 'They just seem to come out that way. After a couple of those I'll purposely write one that has nothing to do with me just so I can keep everyone guessing, Ha!' His music idols are George Jones, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Roy Orbison. 'What can you say about these icons!? We have so much to thank them for. In every aspect of life, we have to look back in order to be able to see what lies ahead. It's the same way with music.' Jimmy is also adamant about whom he considers to be the greatest lady of country music,Tammy Wynette. There are current great artists doing their best to fill those shoes like; George Strait, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, Tracy Lawrence, Mark Chesnutt, Leeann Womack and many others. Jimmy is in his 50's now and knows the late start he got has worked against him but whether or not he 'makes it big' is not the point. 'I'm wise enough to understand that the journey, and not the destination, is what drives me to do what I do. All I really want, is to be heard. I love country music because it is real. It's story telling that everyone can relate to'. Jimmy's dislikes include the so-called 'artists' who talk about hate, filth and doing crimes to an artificial beat, while grabbing at their crotch. 'I see no purpose in it and certainly no artistry. It simply is what it is. Yet many are making millions on CD sales and living in mansions in Beverly Hills. That doesn't speak well of our society.' To understand how Jimmy feels about God and Country, get a copy of his second CD album 'MADE IN TEXAS' and listen to his inspiring patriotic prayer 'Today I Cried (9-11-01)'. If it doesn't give you chills or wretch a tear, you'd better check your pulse.

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Artist: Jimmy Carpenter
Title: I'm All in
Genre: Country
Release Date: 7/25/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637337907
UPC: 837101058049
Item #: SRD105804